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Combined Sewer

No description

nadine gomez

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Combined Sewer

By: Nadine , Rose ,and Luis CSO WaterDischagers' Pictures Sometimes during a heavy rain and snow storms , combined sewer recelve higher than normal flows. Solutions for CSO Combined Sewer Overflows
treatment plants are unable to handle flows that are more than twice design capacity and when this occurs, a mix of excess stromwater and untreated wastewater dischangres directly into the city waterways at certain outfals this is callled sewer overflows cso. waterdischarged 27 Billion CSO descharges every year. *greensteets could decrease 14,800 gallons

*street trees could decrease CSO by 13,170 gallons

*new green roofs could decrease csos 810 gallons *rain barrels could also decrease cso by 9,000 gallons. Raw sewage water all ends up going to the rivers and the beaches, that is why its unsafe to go to the beach once it have rained alot. Green ROff *One of many solutions to help out our Environment.
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