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Matched By: Ally Condie

No description

Chelsea Scholbe

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Matched By: Ally Condie

Matched By: Ally Condie Exposition Rising Action Falling Action Resolution Rising Action Climax Rising Action Cassia's Grandfather passes away and leaves Cassia with an important task. He told her to take risks and live life, even if it means going against the society. to fight for what you believe in. Cassia is at the top of a hill alone talking to Ky, for the first time in a long time and she starts to develop feelings for Ky. This is a big problem in the eyes of the society. Cassia finds herself in a dilemma between Xander and Ky. Who will she pick? Her best friend Xander who she has known for so long? Or Ky the dangerous aberration she has known once before? Cassia was sent to a work camp (at her parent's request) near the Outer Provinces, risking her time until she hears the right words from the society and can find Ky. Will their love be forever disapproved?
Cassia was observing the information she was given though a micro card when all of the sudden Xander's face disappears and a new face appears. Cassia recognizes the the picture of this other boy and is puzzled by how she is also matched up with Ky Markham. She figures the society some how made a mistake because Ky was a aberration which means he was chosen to be single. Cassia is matched up with her best friend Xander Carrow. This is unusual because it is a one in a million chance to be matched up with someone from your town let alone someone who she has known for so long.. Ky is lead away by a sudden pack of officials and he is told that he is going to be a "cannon fodder" for a war the society is losing on the Outer Provinces. Cassia becomes very worked up and chooses not to take the red pill (which causes people to forget).
Falling Action Cassia's family is then moved to the farmlands and she realizes how many other families that have also disappeared thanks to the red pill. Before she leaves, her official confirms that they set up the entire thing with her and Ky as an "experiment" but Cassia later discovers that whoever put Ky's name in the Matching pool did it without the knowledge of the Society. Rising Action Cassia is attending her match ceremony and special dinner, where every 17 year old in the town of borough is matched up with a different person in the society. Couples that are matched are demanded to marry and create a family together. Rising Action Xander gives her the supplies she will need to find Ky and tells her to consider him as an option. Cassia promises she will when she finally has the right to make the decision.
Falling Action Cassia has made her choice to go and find Ky. Cassia feels like she can live with her decision and face any kind of consequences that comes her way. she also decides also to tell Xander the truth and say that she is falling in love with someone else.
Falling Action Her family doesn't remember what happened to Ky, all they know is that he and his family are now gone, they als know Cassia is in love with Ky and as a gift, they offer to help her. Falling Action When Cassia was at an arcade with her match Xander, she was pulled aside by a society official, and the official explained to her as to what was going on with her micro card? why did a picture of Ky Markham appear? The official explained that it was a mistake the society had made and they were going to correct it as soon as possible. They reassured Cassia that Xander was her only match. Ky Markham started school in the society, in fact at the same school Cassia was attending. She realized Ky was a quiet, young boy that wasn't very open to meeting new people. She wants to get to know him, but she feels it is wrong in a way.
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