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How Much Land Does a Man Need ?

No description

laronn brazil

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of How Much Land Does a Man Need ?

How Much Land Does a Man Need ?
Thesis Statement
In "" How Much Land Does a Man Need "", the devil who is ""Bashskirs"" actually symbolizes temptation, greed, and the struggle to do the right thing.

Pahom who is the main character is the one who falls into temptation. He was a poor peasant who didn't even own his own land. He's trying his best to provide for his family,which made him deterimined to get more. Then one day a man walks past and told Pahom about the land of Bashkirs, were he can get as much land as he wants for a thousand rubles. This drew Pahom into tempation eagar to approach Bashkirs even though it does'nt sound like a good idea. But he decides to do so anyways hoping for a better outcome then he already has. Pahom failed to ask any question from the man passing getting no accurate information. Which got him in the sitituation he's in now.
Pahom comes to greed once Bashkirs tells him that he can have as much land as he want's. Only for the cost of a thousand rubles a day, if he doesn't come back to the spot he started from Pahom's money goes away and he gets no land. Pahom took key to that and goes all out and tries to get as much as he can. Heres a quote from Pahom explaining his greed“If I had plenty of land, I shouldn’t fear the Devil himself!” You know Pahom got ahead of hiself and sold his old land to some peasants to get the best land there was. By this being so Bashkirs told him that he has to have his land picked out by sun rise. This made him work harder which caused exhaustion, even though he had a good amout of land he wanted to keep pushing. So he had to face death because he haven't had very much food or water looking for all this land. So this was a lesson to be learned for everyone that greed can only get you so far.
Bashkir was a very cold harded person, as long as he got what he wanted your life is meaning less to him. As Juan Bernal talks about the devil in his summary, he refers Bashkirs as the devil for taking his money and leading Pahom into temptation. Soon as he dies Bashkirs laughs not really caring for him. this proves everything from this quote from Juan Bernal ""The Devil then sets in motion the series of events that eventually end as Pahom forfeits everything including his life"". Doing the right thing is necessary so you don't want to walk around feeling like you could've did other wise. Pahom could've changed his ambition by getting enough land to make a good amount of money. An uncategorized summary explains how Pahom tries get so much land that he doesn't have to fear satan. Another reason why what is right is right, you can't take what you already have for granted.
Doing whats right
Leo Tolstoy
Baskhirs is really the devil in men clothing guiding Pahom into temptation, and greed. No one couldn't firgure out to do the right thing in this story, causing a terrible ending to the story but also giving life lessson to learn.
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