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thames thames

on 10 October 2015

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Transcript of WELCOME TO

What is LIPSTICK ?
Cosmetic Texture
Make Up
Colour Lip Protection

What is it made of?
What Else?
2500 BC to 1000 BC

Women in that area used crusshed gemstones to decorate their lips.
1. Pigment milling
2. Combination of pigment phase into base wax
3. Molding
4. flaming
5. Packaging and labeling
Lipstick index
Leonard Lauder
whale and lipstick

The Sign Is Made By Ton Saralamba
Oil Waxes Emollients
Pigments Alcohol
Lip augmentation

Lip balm
Lip gloss
Lip plumper
Lip stain
Lip liner
Ancient Mesopotamia
But they buy lipstick instead.
Women do not buy expensive product like dresses and shoes.
In bad Economy
hunting whales
prehistoric time
for oil and wax
to make soap, lighting, wool, leather, cosmetics including lipstick
buy cosmetics with animal-friendly brands with a guarantee of "no animal byproducts

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