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Horror Forest

Your worst nightmare!

Erik Klasinski

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Horror Forest

Goosebumps:Ghost Camp
R.L.Stine Erik Klasinski

Sometimes the truth is better left alone than mess with.
Chapters 1-9
Harry and Alex arrive at a summer that acts really weird first no one was there and second when they came they start to play jokes but if you consider sticking a fork into your neck without it bleeding,then it's not funny.
Chapters 19-27
Setting and Tone
Present Time
Camp Spirit Moon
Point of View
It is first person because the author uses the word "I" and "me" in the story.
Harry-main character
Alex-minor character
Uncle Marv-minor character
Elvis-minor character
Lucy-minor character
Fellow campers and camp staff

Reference Slide
Chapters 10-18
Alex and Harry get ever so more spooked by the campers.they keep on playing weird tricks on them.
They find weird blue puddles on the ground.Finally they firgured out whats going on when Lucy tells Harry that she and all the other campers are ghost.
Harry and Alex try to escape the camp but got traped by the ghost and now they have to fight back to stop them from taking over there bodys. But Harry was saved when the ghost started to fight each other. As Alex and Harry walk back home Harry finds out that Elvis took over Alex's body.
"Be all that you can't see." I think that this quote best illustrates the book because it's about how two boys find out that there camp is full of ghosts.
Goosebumps:Ghost Camp
New York:Scholastic inc.
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