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Caroline Chisholm

No description

Phyllis Leek

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Caroline Chisholm

Back in England
What She Did?
Caroline Chisholm is commemorated on the 16th May.
Madras, India
Australia, Sydney
In 1838, rather than returning to England the family decided the climate in Australia would be better for the health. They set sail for Sydney arriving there in October 1838. Caroline set up a home in Sydney while Captain Archibald went back to his regiment in 1840.
Caroline also set up a home for young women, and organized other homes in several rural centers. The home was made to help families and friends. Caroline’s home the “Female Immigrant Home” helped over 40,000 people. Money was raised for the homes through subscription. After that Captain Archibald came back in Australia in 1845.
Caroline and Archibald returned in England in 1846. Caroline believed that the only way to encourage emigration was for prospective emigrants to read letters from those already living in the colony. In 1849, Caroline founded the family colonization loan society from her home in Carlton.
Wednesday, 11th March, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 001
Who Is Caroline Chisholm?
Did she die? What next?
Melbourne, Sydney, England
Caroline Jones came from a very large family. She was born in Northampton (England) grew up in Northampton on a farm, She was the
daughter of William Jones. Her Father William Jones had been married four times. She was the Sixteenth child and the last born. When Caroline was 22 ,in 1830, she married Archibald Chisholm.
Archibald Chisholm went back to his regiment in Madras, India in January 1832 and Caroline joined him 18 months later.

In 1854, Caroline returned to Australia aboard the Ballarat. Caroline continued to work in Melbourne. Due to Caroline’s ill health the family moved back to Sydney in 1858. Her health got better at the end of 1859. Archibald and the children went back to England in 1865. Caroline followed in1866 and died in April 1877.
Caroline Chisholm
Caroline appealed to the governor of Madras in establishing a school. In 1834 Caroline founded the Female School of Industry for the daughters of European Soldiers which educates girls. Caroline gave birth to two sons (their names were Archibald and William)
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