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Joey's Technical Resume


Joey Pereira

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Joey's Technical Resume

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Joey's Technical Expertise The Dawn of Gaming Early Childhood (~5) Early originals such as Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros Land Beginning of PC Gaming Little Later Childhood (~6) Introduction of PC games into my life, along with the start of Gameboy games, most notably the Pokemon series. King's Quest series! Literature Gaming Hardware Software Programming Media Major RPGs and RTSs Later child years (~9) Getting a N64 and PS1 opened up tons of new genres, along with Blizzard games. Starcraft and Ragnarok are some of my most played games to date. Sharp Shooters Getting involved in competitive for first person shooters. Mid teens (~15) Action Games and Fun Times! Gamecube and Wii period. Completely fun gaming with action and adventure. Early Teens (~13) Beginning of PC Gaming Later teen (~16) Indie and more PC gaming Developed PC Gamer :P (~17) Getting into PC gaming with my first gaming computer. xlegoz.com Mostly getting into hit indie games and the odd AAA game. Also beginning hobbyist game design development. HTML PHP CSS JavaScript Python Actionscript Java Low Level Mid Level High Level HaXe C++ C C# Current Ruby MySQL Git Operating Systems @xLegoz legojoey17 joey@xlegoz.com Experience and Projects First gaming computer i5 2500k 4.5Ghz OC, 8GB RAM, AMD HD 6950 flashed to 6970, HAF 912 case Involved in console architecture research and hardware modding and repairs Current OSs in use Windows 7, Linux Mint, Mac OS X 10.7 Running W7, Linux Mint and OS X Windows Server 2008, Windows 8 and Arch Linux for testing and expermintation Working at PlanetCPU - Building computers, disassembling laptops, replacing parts, ffixing software issues, undergoing backups. jjNES - In progress Nintendo Entertainment Emulator developed in Java. Project to learn about computer architecture and interaction and operations of CPU, memory and several over components. About Me Gamer by heart, nerd on the inside.
I love tinkering with hardware and all pieces of technology. Whether it's a PC or a console, I can't resist opening it up and learning about it's insides. I grew up as that kid that wanted to be a game tester but I was always on computers and learned my technical expertise from it. Later with the same passion to know how it works, I wanted to learn how flash games operate and that led me into programming.
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