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Prezi Basics: How To Use Prezi

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Amy Grange

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Basics: How To Use Prezi

The basics of Prezi.... Don't you just hate boring presentations?????? Prezi is a tool that can enhance and engage any audience. We See PowerPoints everyday.. but how much information do we actually take in???? We are aiming to at least achieve, if not over achieve on all these target in order for the department to achieve there 20% profit increase.
As of next year, the parts department will be joining us to have a large combined mobile/parts department. Due to this, we are aiming to increase the sales target of each department by 20%, giving a combined 40% profit growth rate in time for the merging. These are the monthly sales targets for the month that we hope to achieve within the mobile department. Monthly sale Targets amy
cameron Amy, Billy, Corum, Joe
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