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Motivation letter for EVS -writing guide-

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Pedro Muñoz

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Motivation letter for EVS -writing guide-

Basic info

Who are you writing to?
Who are you? What do you do?
Your interests, hobbies, talents, ...
European Voluntery Service
Why have you decided to do EVS?
What do you expect to gain from the experience?
Have you already volunteered before?
If you haven't, explain why now is your moment :)
Write about the project you are applying for...
Why that topic?
What can you bring to the project?
Do have some previous experience in the topic?
If not... explain why do you want to gain it now :)
What do you expect to learn?

Which activities and tasks do you like?
Research about the organization: read the announcement carefully, look at the website/social networks if they have them ...

Why do you consider yourself the right volunteer for
that organization
and especially
that project
Write a bit about the country of the project...
Use diverse, varied and attractive vocabulary ...
Try not to repeat the words, search for synonyms etc.

before quantity
It's important what you write, not how long is the letter!

Ask for help your sending organization or a friend if you need some suggestions or advices after writing the letter
Motivation letter for EVS
~writing guide~

¡Good luck!
Something else...
Perfect letter DOESN'T exist
It all depends on the needs of the organizarion...

...if they don't choose you, it means that project wasn't perfect for you :)
for your project !!!
Remember that EVS is NOT...
...a language coruse!

...a paid job!

...an internship!

...a summer activity or vacation!
Más informaciones:

Why did you choose that country?
What do you know about the culture?
What attracts you to this country?
What do you hope to learn? (besides the language)

Pay attention to the structure of the letter
Motivation letter is
an elaborated CV
You shouldn't go repeating what is already written in your CV

Have positive attitude :)

Show that you really got to know the organization
Try to write more about what you can
to the project rather which would be your benefits

If you say that you know working in team.. How did you learn it? Where? Job, volunteer work, university, ...?
Here is a small guide for writing a motivation letter especially for European Voluntary Service projects!

Many thanks to the guys who participated in the workshops where we did the guide!

What is EVS?
And now some more tips about the form and content of the letter
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