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Fallacies & Satire

AP Language & Composition

Angela Speach

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Fallacies & Satire

Fallacies "All generalizations, including this one, are false."
~ Mark Twain What does this quote mean? What paradox is created? Why do you think Twain says all generalizations are false? Do you agree? Why? a deceptive., misleading, or false notion, belief, etc. A misleading or unsound argument. "Love is a Fallacy" What is the meaning of the title, "Love is a Fallacy"? Do you agree with the implications of the title? Why? Read & annotate the story. Post Hoc -The weak old women turns into a strong man after eating the snickers bar.
-Therefore eating the snickers bar makes you strong. Overgenralization/Bandwagon Appeal to Authority Annotate: Highlight the 8 different fallacies indicated in the story and in the margin take notes indicated why it is that fallacy and how it impacts the story. Identifying Fallacies Identify the logical fallacies in the following quotes, then attempt to revise the quotes to avoid the fallacy. "Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole. "There are a lot of bad republicans; there are no good democrats." ~ Ann Coulter "If Charlton Heston can have a constitutional right to carry a rifle, why can't grandma have a constitutional right to health care?" "If O.J had been accused of killing his black wife, you would not have seen the same passion stirred up." ~ Rev. Al Sharpton Slippery Slope Compose a slippery slope fallacy. Need help??? Start with, "If we....then...and then...and then... "The Damned Human Race" Satire Read & Annotate Organization
Main Point
Supporting Details
Personal Reactions "I Want a wife" Avoid Sexist Language What is the implied message? What tells you this? How does the picture enhance the humorous effect? Reductio ad Hitlerum: comparing an opponent or their argument to Hitler or Nazism in an attempt to associate a position with one that is universally reviles.
Example: "You know who else was a vegetarian? Hitler. Therefore, vegetarianism is bad." Respond to this image.
What opinion of a wife's role is implied?
Use specific details (from the image) to support your answer. Read and follow the annotation directions for the essay, "I want a wife."
Then answer the questions to prepare for our discussion. Now that we have read and discussed sexist language and its impact, let's take a closer look...
Complete the following handout that digs a bit deeper into the impact of sexist language. The Crucible Identifying Fallacies Rebecca: There is prodigious danger in the seeking of loose spirits. I fear it, I fear it. Let us blame ourselves and -

Putnam: How may we blame ourselves? I am one of nine sons; the Putnam seed have peopled this province. And yet I have but one child left of eight - and now she shrivels.

Rebecca: I cannot fathom that.

Mrs. Putnman: (with growing edge of sarcasm) But I must! You think it God's work you should never lose a child, nor grandchild either, and I bury all but one? There are wheels within wheels in this village, and fires within fires! Parris: Beware this man, Your Excellency, he is mischief.
Hale: I think you must hear the girl, sir, she---

Danforth: Peace. What would you tell us, Mary Warren?

Proctor: She never saw no spirits, sir.

Danforth: Never saw no spirits!

Parris: They've come to overthrow the court, sir! This man is-

Danforth: I pray you, Mr. Parris. Do you know, Mr. Proctor, that the entire contention of the state in these trials is that the voice of Heaven is speaking through the children? Tituba: (rocking and weeping) Aye, sir, and Goody Osburn.

Mrs. Putnam: I knew it! Goody Osburn were midwife to me three times. I begged you Thomas, did I not? I begged him not to call Osburn because I feared her. My babies always shriveled in her hands. Freakonomics Watch the segment from the movie "Freakonomics" entitled, "It's not always a Wonderful Life" and take DETAILED notes on their THESIS and what they say and show to support it. Write a complete and well-developed essay in which you defend, challenge or qualify the argument presented in the video, explaining the crime rate drop of the 1990's. Use the video, and your experiences, observations and studies to defend your point. 48:07 The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of... Monty Python and the Holy Grail A Modest Proposal In the late 1720's, Ireland suffered from several years of poor harvests. Farmers had trouble paying the rents demanded by their English landlords. Most of the money collected by the landlords was sent to England; very little was spent in Ireland to produce goods.
In "A Modest Proposal" Swift pretends to be an economic planner who suggests a shocking solution to the problem. Watch for the sharp contrast between Swift's direct, logical style and the outrageous proposal he describes. Read & Annotate 1. Patterns of development
2. Rhetorical Appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) or devices
(parallelism, rhetorical questions, imagery, etc.)
3. Satirical elements (hyperbole, irony, parody) Organization Paragraph 1-7: Introduction, establishes ethos and provides and overview of the problem.
Paragraph 8-15: The proposal itself and specifics
Paragraph 16-18: Digression on related issues
Paragraph 19-27: Advantages of his proposal (1st, 2nd, 3rd...)
Paragraph 28-29: Rejection of Swift's real life solutions to poverty
Paragraph 30-32: Conclusion, it won't offend England, what others must do to develop a better plan and more ethos appeal. Literary Seismograph Your own Modest Proposal Focus on the following steps:
1. Establish ethos and provide and overview of the problem.
2. State the specifics of your proposal
3. Digress to related issues
4. Explain at least 6 advantages of your proposal
5. Reject real life solutions you actually find to be reasonalbe
6. Conclude by explaining what others must consider before rejecting and developing a better proposal than yours.
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