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Kayla's Prezi on Augustus's Empire

This is about when Augustus ruled Rome.

Kayla Jennings

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Kayla's Prezi on Augustus's Empire

The Empire of Augustus Kayla's Prezi The Beginning It all started when Julius Ceaser died.
Ceaser's adopted son Octavian became
the new leader of Rome. Then the Senate voted and gave him the name Augustus. That was the beginning of Augustus's Empire.
After He Became Augustus Augustus learned not to make the same mistakes
his father made. He showed respect to the republic
even though he held the real power. He controlled
most of the military and appointed officials. Trying
not to use the word king. Instead he called himself "first citizen." He was considered the first Roman emperor. Augustus would have a family line that would continue from when he started in 31 B.C. and would end in disgrace in A.D. 68.
Growth in Territories The Roman Empire had about 40
territories. Each territory had a governor who was appointed by Augustus or named by the Senate.
It grew tremendously in 200 years after Augustus came to power. In the City The Ending in Disgrace Augustus's family line ended horribly. It ended
in A.D. 68 with Emperor Nero when he was 17.
He didn't have the respect from the senators or the army. Many complained that he would rather entertain himself than rule an empire. Then a civil war happened and Nero committed suicide. That was the end of the Empire of Augustus. Sadly, it ended disgracing his empire. The End Hope you enjoyed :-) During his 41 years of ruling he built or restored 82 temples. Most
were made with smooth marble. He also worked to improve life for people living in Rome. Rome had a population of nearly 1 million people. By A.D. 117, the Roman Empire had a population of 60 million.
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