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extra prezi

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hicole quapis

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of extra prezi

Water flow in Asia

Where is Nepal?
Nepal is an asian country, it is in between India and China
what is a catchment?
A catchment is an area of land that collects precipitation. After it is collected it is then carried by rivers to dams where it is processed.
What affects/influences water flow?
The water flow has a lot of elements/keys that help the water to end up in our dams for us to drink, here are the influences:
Topography is the land and the nature landscapes. In Nepal the landscape is mountainous, this would be obvious as it is home to mount Everest.
Having lots of mountains is convenient because the rain can travel downwards.
The location is in Asia near the equator. according to book study, the closer to the equator, the hotter the climate is, this is because the north and south poles are at the top of the world and the equator is furthest from it.
Nepal is in between China and India. These two counties close the space between the open ocean and Nepal, in conclusion the open sea provides wind so Nepal is dusty instead of windy.
Altitude is basically the difference between the topography and sea level. In Nepal there are many mountains so the altitude level is very high, the highest mountain, mt Everest is 8,850 meters.
If the altitude between the mountain and sea level is far, then there is a high risk of low air pressure. Altitude is also a benefit, this is because low air pressure brings precipitation to provide water.
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