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Brazilian Pharmaceuticals

Exporting Generic Drugs to Brazil

Ashley Post

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Brazilian Pharmaceuticals

Brazilian Pharmaceuticals Jessica Taubman Ryan Snyder Ashley Post
Our Mission To empower people by providing them with the most affordable and effective medications that will enable them to lead the healthiest lives possible Exporting to Brazil Target Markets and Products

High Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular disease
is number 1 killer!
Antihypertensive - Diuretic

VIDA 200 million citizens
25% below poverty line
$14.9 billion in pharmaceutical sales, above average economic growth
5th largest market in the world in terms of total sales
Health care system de-socialized - consumers turning to generic products (20% already buying generic)
Infrastructure being built
Good trade relations already established (80% of pharmaceutical sales are from foreign imports)
Target Market and Products Malaria Patients
46% at risk
Basic Medicine
Pain reliever Global Malaria Prevalence Pricing Strategy Generic market is driven by price!
Compare and undercut
Economies of scale
(unlike local companies)
Tariffs and shipping

Diuretic - $0.50 per dose
Antimalarial - $0.50 per dose
Pain Reliever - $0.07 per dose
Anti-diarrheal - $0.10 per dose Place Conventions
Doctor's Offices
Health clinics

Promotion Personal visits
Contracting with hospitals
Launch company wide advertising campaign: Choose Vida for all your medical needs
VIDA is there for you. VIDA produces many generic pharmaceuticals. Contact your doctor to see if there is a VIDA product for your symptoms. Questions?
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