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Chinese Parents VS American Parents

Mandarin Project

Betty Wong

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Parents VS American Parents

Comparing how Chinese and American parents can affect college major/career decisions.
Chinese parents vs American parents
BY: Betty Wong and Weiki Yi
Period 5

What we did:
We surveyed American students how much their parents affected their major and career decision
Main Idea
Researched how much Chinese students' parents affected their decisions
Compared the differences between the two and came up with results
For this project, we are going to research Chinese students' college
and career decisions comparing to American students' decisions. Our project focused on career success, self- efficacy, college major, after graduation, parents ideal career, and factors that will influence their
choice of career.

Career success starts with desire and guidance. Career success on the other hand, means to have a happy life, money to support yourself, and a good job. But “Career success” has a very different definition from happiness and money, to achieving your goal.
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Survey Questions
What does career success mean to you?
What is the definition of self-efficacy (the measure of one’s own ability to complete tasks and reach goals) to you?
At this point in time what college major are you considering?
What do you want to do after graduation?
What factors will influence your choice of college major/career decision?
What are the characteristics of your parents’ ideal career that in turn influence your decision?
Chinese Results
Based on our research on the references to “Chinese parents influencing their child’s career making decisions”, I have found that Chinese students are influenced by their parents’ careers. The students’ parents also look for the top universities to let their children or child go to. They encourage their children to go to English-speaking colleges, and competitive universities (the top universities). They make sure that their child’s gaokao is really high. This is the key to the process of making the college or
university entry decisions.
The Chinese parents want their children to get into a really good college, but in order to do that; they must be ready to challenge other students. Which is why, they need to be competitive and use their skills. The parents and their kids can do this by gathering information on overseas studying through university fairs and online resources. Chinese parents who want their children to follow in their own footsteps are very controlling to their kids therefore, a great deal of students who were surveyed had many conflicts (both internally and
externally) and career choice
The parents do not understand their child’s point of view in deciding what they want as a career. Many home conversations greatly affect Chinese students’ decisions on choosing a college major or a future job. The professions of a parent significantly impact the student’s career (ex. If the parent is a graphics designing engineer then they would encourage their child or children to become a graphics designing engineer).
American Results
Based on our interview with American students discussing their future careers, we have noticed that the American students' parents d not usually have a problem with their children on picking a college major or career. In our survey, we saw that most students have said that a career success meant reaching their goal to earn money, or being able to support their future families.
However, there are a few students that have stated that they wanted to be compassionate in their career. They actually thought about a dream job that they would enjoy going to everyday. Many students thought that the definition of self-efficacy to a student is to stay on task, be independent, and get the job done. According to our survey, six out of ten students are deciding on a science or doctoral career. This shows us that they want to be successful at their jobs and make a lot of money.
A great deal of our peers want to go to a college university after graduating high school. They have strongly agreed that skill, capability, and passion and interest are the main factors that will influence their choice of a major or career. Although, the personality and parents' preference didn't really show much influence in their parents want them to have a safe job so they wouldn't have to worry so much. Many of our fellow classmates had responded that the difference the work made to other people and flexibility (balance between family and work) didn't really matter because their parents mainly want them to be successful. Overall, we learned that the American parents are usually supportive to their children's future major and career choices.

Comparing the Differences
The most problem students are facing is deciding whether to follow their dreams in college or their parents’ ideal career, to put it another way, most students are mostly deciding to pursue their own directions or their parent’s quintessential career. This survey focused on career success, self- efficacy, college major, after graduation, parents ideal career, and factors that will influence your choice of career. Career success begins with ambition and guidance Career success means to have a happy life, money to support myself, and a good job. But mostly, career success means to enjoy what you love doing, supporting your family and having a wonderful life. However, career success means various things to different people. There are different meanings for each person, your explanation of career success is what’s right for you, not others. This survey questioned 10 American students in high school, each student answered 18 questions. One of the student said, “Having a job and being able to sustain a healthy life with healthy relationship.” Another student said “Career success is balance between likes/ enjoyably and the ability to make a consistent outcome.” But others might say, “Enjoying the job while making money, being financially set for life, and working a job that you love and being able to make a living off of it.” Success means you are benefit on what you are achieving for a career and others admire you. When this success compose you with satisfaction and enjoyment, suddenly you’re going to the right career. Others say career success is making money or being financially set for life, but really its loving a job you appreciate on having. After reading the survey, one of the primary goals for most students is attend college to find a job after graduation and to build a successful career.
more graphs...
As you can see in our graphs and chart, we have discovered that American students have a lot more external conflicts than Chinese students. They are also more indecisive than Chinese students, by about a third! We think that maybe Chinese students have already made the career choices or decisions for their children. So that’s why their choices are still unclear. The graph and charts show that American students top Chinese by the indecisiveness, lack of information, internal and external conflicts, and overall difficulties. In the lack of readiness, motivation, dysfunctional beliefs categories, Chinese students have a higher rate (more students for that category) than American students.
After our research, we found that Chinese parents are very different from American parents. American parents give their children more freedom to choose what they want as a career. Chinese parents on the other hand, want their children to follow in their footsteps and pursue in their career or what they see that can make them successful. We got to see Chinese and American parents’ perspective on college and career decision-making. We based our research on this, and gathered our information by surveying American students and researched from our sources online for Chinese students’ experience with their parents. So, we realized that there are many differences between Chinese parents’ and American parents’ opinions.
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