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A Huge Problem of our Century

Sarah Harris

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyber-Bullying

Technology is the greatest thing to exist
since the dawn of time On the other hand, bullies have been around pretty much since schools were invented. You're probably wondering about cyberbullying, right? Well, it's bullies online who can take the form of anyone, even an online friend. Sometimes, bullies can go too far and cause someone to commit suicide. One example of this is a girl about my age named Phoebe Prince who was constantly harassed by mean girls at school, online, pretty much everywhere with an online connection. Phoebe was so hurt by all this that she killed herself. Even adults can be cyberbullies, like take Lori Drew for example. She created a fake account "Josh Evans" and harassed her daughter's friend Megan until she committed suicide in her bedroom. We've neglected to see this as a problem. But right now, this has got to stop. These people are going too far to hurt and torture us. Enough is enough! This is the very last straw! Let us stop this madness right now, right this day!
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