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Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

No description

Loren Willson

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of Coca-Cola vs Pepsi



And Their Utilization of Facebook
Coca-Cola has over 67 million likes!
Facebook is the perfect social media platform for Coca Cola.
Coca-Cola's Facebook page is actually fan based and not run by Coca-Cola; “Clark gives credit to the Facebook Coke page to two fans, Dusty Sorg and Michael Jedrzejewski, an actor and writer from Los Angeles, who started the Coca-Cola fan page on Facebook.” (Jefferson).
Rather than hinder fans with a lot of rules and regulations, Coca-Cola instead has bloomed by letting its fans have ‘mostly’ free reign.
"Whether members enthuse about their love of Coke and its products or blast the company, the posts stay up, Clark says. "You can't curate that conversation," she says. "The community will curate it." (Jefferson).

5 Ways Pepsi's Use of Social Media is Right On,
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Pepsi Launches First Global Campaign, "Live For Now"
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Social media - choice of a new generation?
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Coca-Cola's Effectiveness In Utilizing FaceBook
Pepsi's Use of Facebook

During Super Bowl XLIV held in 2012 between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, Pepsi chose not to air commercials. Instead they poured resources into online social-networking campaigns designed to engage and interact with customers for months.
Pepsi uses Facebook to respond to its customers.

Pepsi has 17 million likes on facebook.
Pepsi has embraced the use of social media, and is using it to build relationships with the Millennial generation. David Hatch of US News and World Report says that Pepsi has a good social strategy. The centerpiece of this strategy is their “Live For Now” marketing campaign which targets 18-35 year olds. He says this campaign is a good example of how an established brand can effectively utilize the five critical aspects of social media marketing.

Facebook Statistics Comparison
By Country
Why Coca-Cola is more successful on Facebook than Pepsi
*The Coca-Cola fan page was created in August of 2008 by Dusty Sorg and Michael Jedrzejewski, two fans of Coca-Cola.
* Coca-Cola allows its page to be mostly run by its fans, but stays very interactive with them.
* Coca-Cola only deletes posts that are spam or obscene; all other content stays and Coca-Cola gives feedback to all comments.
*Coca-Cola’s engagement level is .06% (Bakers, 2010).

Fan growth over the last
6 months
On average.....
Coca-Cola's fan growth broken down
Who is being
"talked" about?
History of Facebook
And How Companies Use Facebook Today
Facebook started out as a college social network. Many of the first users were Harvard students;
“Naturally, the first few people to sign up for Facebook were Harvard students” (Shontell, 2011).
Later, the leader of the ad sales team, Colleran, landed his first big ad deal with Party Poker.
Companies are using Facebook today because it gives them a way to communicate with current and future customers. It develops companies through its ‘like’ system. People are able to see their friends’ likes and comments and a company's fan base can grow at an exponential rate.
“Aircel has recently launched FB Voice Updates, which allows people connect with their family and friends on FB in their own voice, even without internet access on their mobile phones. The company has received 100,000 calls in just a few weeks.” (Economic Times, 2013).
Customers are able to communicate with a company using Facebook. Although some companies monitor posts and may remove them, other companies give their customers a free voice on their Facebook pages. Customers are sometimes even able to place orders from a company’s Facebook page.
*Pepsi joined Facebook in January of 2009 and is run by Pepsi-Cola.
*Pepsi has decent interaction with its fans on its Facebook page.
*Pepsi only deletes posts that are spam or obscene and gives its fans the freedom to post their opinions.
*Pepsi’s engagement level is .01% (Bakers, 2010).

Overall the main reason Coca-Cola is beating Pepsi on Facebook is its level of engagement with its fans!
Dani Dier: Dani has her associate’s degree in accounting and is currently attending the Carl Linder College of Business in pursuit of her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.
Loren Willson: Loren is a 4th year Biomedical Engineering major at UC's Main Campus. She is also a Cadet Third Class in UC's Air Force ROTC
Brittney Hunt: Brittney will be graduating at the end of this current semester with her Associates Degree in Business Administration and then will immediately begin working on her Bachelor's Degree for Finance at the Carl Linder College of Business.
Ruth Ann Hempleman: Ruth Ann will be graduating at the end of fall semester with her Associates Degree in Business Administration.

Coca Cola actively responds to all posts on Facebook. It also sends promotional gifts to customers. For example, Coca-Cola sent an inflatable surfboard to a customer for sending in the picture shown below.
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Who is being
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