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Pierre Hermé Paris

No description

Clara Santourian

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Pierre Hermé Paris

Information Requirements
Identification of the industry segment
Identification of the 10 main actors in this field
Expression of needs

1. Value of the business
2. Global Strategy
3. Intelligence plan modelling
4.Creating an information Watch unit
5. Collecting "Expert" information

Industry Segment
High luxury Pastry
The 10 main actors
of this field are

Pierre Hermé Paris
Jacques Genin
La pâtisserie
des rêves
Hugo & Victor
Eclair de Génie
Expression of needs
The list of requirements
Task allocation
Work Plan
Global Strategy:
List of requirements
Task allocation
Work plan
Intelligence Plan Modeling
Swot and PESTEL analysis of
Pierre Hermé Paris

SWOT Analysis of the 2 main competitors:
Ladurée and Dalloyau
SWOT of Pierre Hermé Paris
- Recognition = “The Picasso of Pastrie” (Vogue, Figaro)
- Key pastries = Ispahan (rose, strawberry, lychee)
- Originality, exception, risk taking
- Disciple of Gaston Lenôtre
- Worldwide expansion = Japan 1998, France 1996.
- Stores and website (updated every 3 days)
- Marketing luxury strategy = no communication is good
communication (selection)
- Corporate strategy = internal growth and internationalization
- Highly qualified staff (Atelier Pierre Hermé)
- Important quality and production control
- R&D, innovation
- Balance between QUALITY + CREATIVITY
- Slow international penetration and growth
- Products based on the wants and needs of the creator and not based on the market needs.

- Reaching more than 2 continents: America, Africa, Oceania.
- Strategic sites (Europe and Asia)
- French product
- Collaborations :
1) Renault => salon du chocolat, salon de l’automobile)
2) Rochas => new pie « pêche, rose, cumin » to honor the French fragrance “Femme”
- Increasing number of employees (149 in 2013)

- Competitors on the market: Ladurée (tradition), Dalloyau, Mulot (no innovation), Fauchon, Lenôtre.

- High Prices = 1,95€ mini macaron (1,65 Mulot, Dalloyau). 80€/kg

- Absence in booming countries
Pierre Hermé Paris' PESTEL

Company Tax of 33%
High taxation on wages

- The annual French growth in 2013 was 0,5%
- France is still suffering from the economic crisis so the french consumer purchasing power is low.
-Easy Monetary Policy since in the end of 2013 the -European Central Bank lowered its main interest rate by 0,25% : more easy to get a loan
-The French inflation rate is 1%

- France is known for its gastronomy and its "haute couture": Pierre Hermé uses these two aspects to create "Haute Couture Pastry".
- More and more French tend to look for good quality and gourmet products.
- The company targets the active population, high wages and the part of the population which is more represented in the pyramid of aging.

- The Know-how is handed down in kitchens by the Chief Pierre Hermé who got his knowledge from the most prestigious kitchens of France.

- Effective e-shopping: commands can be made on internet

- Minimum use of paper: Web newsletter, invitations to events by e-mail.


Follows the French and European rules, restrictions and norms on hygiene and food safety

- Price of a fuel barril is high so importing exotic products is expensive.
Ladurée's SWOT
- Maker of luxury and pastries since
-First tea-shop of Paris
after the universal
exhibition of 1900
5 brands

Original ideas

International development since 2005
One of the best known makers of macarons
Really good image
Many flavors
Innovation and diversification

- Developing new markets around the world
- Increasing demand of luxury goods and foreign products
- Developing partnerships to compete; Exclusive partnership 2013/2015 with Sephora (LVMH), and Albion (Japanese cosmetics) CA in 2012 = 2,3M €
- Lifestyle changed
- Competitors on the market = Dalloyau, Mulot, Fauchon and Pierre Hermé*

- Increasing operation cost with high rental trend

- Prices = 85€/kg of macarons
- Many regular customers
- French Brand = less awareness
- Macaron = 50% of powdered sugar and 50% almond powder with sweet jam, could be too intense in the sweetness

Dalloyau's SWOT
- Historical luxury brand, since 1682
- Royal gastronomic legacy
- Talent of taste and entertainment
- Unique in France
- Recognition
- Deep rooted tradition, lack of diversification and innovation (only focusing on pastries compared to its main competitors)

- Many regular customers

- Macaron = 50% of powdered sugar and 50% almond powder with sweet jam, could be too intense in the sweetness

- Reaching new markets in new continents = America, Oceania.

- Increasing demand of luxury goods and pastries

- Competitors on the market = Mulot, Fauchon, Ladurée and Pierre Hermé

- Prices competition = 80€/kg of macarons idem Pierre Hermé

Information Watch: The Netvibes account
Collecting "expert" information
Identifying 2 experts and preparing an interview senario
Design one mindmap
Charles Znaty
Mindmap Interview with Charles Znaty
Mindmap interview with David Holder
How to become a marketing manager at Pierre Hermé Paris?
Research questions:

-Which education, experience and core competencies should a marketing manager have?
- What are the skills required?
-How can we evaluate these skills?
-How/ where could a marketing manager start in the organization?
-What can I bring to the organization?
David Holder
After interviewing both experts we know that:

The wages, her background education, her training, her experience = in adequation with the marketing manager profile they search for

Does Mrs. Pasca should work for Pierre Herme?

Send CV and cover letter to benedicte.bourdeau@pierreherme.com
Creating a Watch Unit: The Netvibes Account

Meanwhile trying to get an appointment with Charles Znaty and David Holder
Expert's Interview: Charles Znaty and David Holder
Problematic and research questions

Organization: Task allocation and Work Plan
Pierre Hermé Paris' PESTEL
Pierre Hermé 's SWOT
Dalloyau's SWOT
Ladurée's SWOT
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