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Personal mang

No description

Joseph Pang

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Personal mang

Personal & Management Development
The European Refugee Crisis
2 Sep 2015
A Wednesday Morning on a Turkey Beach
Government tries to oppress the Arab Spring movement in Syria
The protesters formed the Free Syrian Army starting a civil war
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) joined the fight in the North-Eastern part of Syria
Up till this September, more than 250,000 people died in the war and 30,000 are children like Aylan
His name is Aylan Kurdi
There are more than 500,000 registered Syrian refugees according to the UNHCR
What was he running from?
Where are they running to?
Should the Schengen/European countries accept the refugees?
Can the countries take in more refugees?
Presented by
Lai Hiu Tung, Kinsey
Pang Wing Chit Joseph
Wong Chun Fung Jacky
Wong Pak Hei, Saki
Wong Pui Sze, Co

"This is one of the greatest litmus tests that Europe has ever faced."

-German Chancellor Angela Merkel
one of the 2600+ known Syrian refugees who died crossing the Mediterranean Sea by early September
Numbers are often underestimated
How different are syrians and europeans?
Male Preference
Influenced by the Muslim laws,
men have alot and legal control of their wives
women do not have the same rights as men
rights of women could not be less than men
some feminists even thinks that they are more superior than men
Difference bring change!
To Stay
Not to Stay?
Force Field Analysis
Illustrates the abstract concept of stress as a force field figuratively
Help communicate the reasoning behind the decision
Helps making a decision by analyzing
the forces for

(Driving force)
and against

(Restraining force)
a change
Lewin, 1951
Force Field Analysis
Be alive
Uncertainties & Danger
Living as an illegal immigrant/refugee

Giving up local assets
The challenge to fit in the new environment
e.g. shipwreck
e.g. businesses/properties
Future of the children
Driving Force
Restraining Force
Lost confidence in Syrian politicians
Sources of Stress
(Whetten & Cameron, 2005)
Encounter Stressors
Role conflicts
Syria citizen vs. Family member

Action conflicts
Go back home vs. Stay in foreign counties
Situational Stressors
Rapid change of living environment

Unfavorable living conditions
Discrimination , cultural differences, no privileges as a refugee
Anticipatory Stressors
Unpleasant expectations
Treated poorly, human meatball

Cannot get abode approval, cannot reunite with family

Doesn't End Here
Managing the stress
(Whetten and Cameron, 2002)
Enactive strategies

Eliminate stressors!

Maybe seek help from the UN to manage the Syria civil war?
Proactive strategies
Reactive strategies
Increase resilience to stressors!
Temporarily cope with it!
Develop Syrian refugee’s network and arrange social events daily/weekly

Pray to God, find help from others, take up hobbies

Should European countries take in the Syrian refugees?
Germany, France, UK etc.
Hungary, Romania, Slovak etc.
Pushing EU countries to set up compulsory quotas to tackle refugee crisis

Proposed a scheme about “permanent and binding”

Brought refugees directly from Syria to control the quota

Blames the members of EU especially those who are members of Schengen treaty, not being able, or not being ready to keep their word

Builds border fences that diverted the flow of refugees to other nations

Accused Croatia for violating their sovereignty, because of Croatia has been sending the Muslim refugees with public transports to their joint boarders

"Not on the route anymore"

Believes that everyone has their own talent
(e.g. compulsory education)
Europeans cherish individual's freedom and rights
(e.g. gay marriage)
People mainly obeys the religious leaders
A nation proud with a history of being united by Islam
Values the law too but not as strict emotionally attached to the law compared to Syrians
More Neutral
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