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Area 51 and Alien Technology

6th Period Meyer, with Wynne Lee and Erica Harman

Mandi Lye

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Area 51 and Alien Technology

Interview About Aliens
Start at 2:40
Stop at 4:26
Erica Harman, Wynne Lee, and Mandi Lye
Area 51 Facts
Alien Spacecraft Investigations
Alien Technology
-Las Vegas
-Army Base
-Government planes
It is the 1950s. Color television is first introduced, Disneyland opens, the hula hoop is popular, and Castro has become dictator of Cuba.
But besides all these historic events, the world
has changed in a bigger way. The world now
We're coming
for you.
-Renaissance: artwork
14th Century: Black Plague
1957: Area 51 created
-1961: The Hill Abduction
-1978: The Valentich disappearence
-1997: Phoenix Lights
-Ancient Aliens
-Abduction Purpose
- The Manhattan Project
- Russia and children
- Reverse-engineering
- Teleportation
- Time Travel
- The Aurora Project
- Weather Control
Say what?!
They're cray.
That's life.
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