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Intolerance Project:

Animal Cruelty

Natasha Eisenhour

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Intolerance Project:

ANIMAL CRUELTY! Intolerance Project: These Indiana statutes set forth the anti-cruelty laws. As used in this chapter, "animal" does not include a human being. A person having a vertebrate animal in the person's custody who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally abandons or neglects the animal commits cruelty to an animal, a Class B misdemeanor. A person who knowingly or intentionally purchases or possesses an animal for the purpose of using the animal in an animal fighting contest commits a Class A misdemeanor. Indiana - Cruelty - Consolidated Cruelty Statutes Indaiana:
Max. Jail 3 years
max. Fine $10,000
Counseling Found in Taiyuan in Shanxi province, Northern China
Suspect unknown Dog fitted with cruel 2lbs steel neck shackle that was 'slowly throttling it a little more each day' is rescued Rescuers found dog like this The rescuers believe that the dog was used as a guard dog Collar fitted at younger age Animal cruelty not yet illegal in China Work cited

"Statutes / Laws." Animal legal & historical center/ Michigan State University College of Law. Michigan State University College of Law, 2012. Web. 21 Sep 2012.

"Animal cruelty Laws: Felony Vs. Misdemeanor." pet-abuse.com. N.p., 11/10/2011. Web. 21 Sep 2012.

Ward, Alex. "Dog fitted with cruel 2lbs steel neck shackle that was 'slowly throttling it a little more each da'y is rescued." mailonline. N.p., 1313 September 2012 . Web. 27 Sep 2012.
What's The point????? Would you hurt...
What did the animal do to you?
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