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Microsoft Word 2013

No description

Sarah Ruiz

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Microsoft Word 2013

MS Word has been a powerful word processing tool over the years.
MS Word 95
MS Word 2000
ms word 2003
ms word 2007
ms word 2010
This year, Microsoft released Office 2013 on January 29.
As one of the packages, what's new in Word 2013?
It has gone through 15 versions since its first Windows version in 1989, and recent versions tend to improve on existing features rather than adding new ones.
So let's take a peek of the 5 previous versions of Word.
Flies back to 1995
Take a peek of the latest Word.
word 2013
Word 2013 makes reading documents working with others easier than ever.
Plus, there are great new tools for adding polish and personality to your documents.
Right when you start Word, you have easy access to great and new templates.
And there's plenty more online.
Recently used documents are always easy to find.
You can even
sign in
to your account and see the documents from the last working on from another device or online.
You can
open PDFs and edit
the content in word.
Open the PDF like you would on other document.
The formatting is maintained and the text is fully editable. Make your changes and add your own style.
online videos
you can watch right in Word, without having to leave the document, so you can stay focused on the content.
You can insert
online pictures
from web photo services without having to save them first to your computer.
Get a
live preview
as you resize and move photos and shapes in your document.
new alignment guides
make it easy to line up charts, photos, and diagrams with your text.
New Read Mode
that lets you enjoy reading with a view that displays your documents in easy-to-read columns on the screen.
Click this icon to enable Read Mode.
Click this icon to turn on next page.
For cleaner view you can hide the tool bars by clicking this button.
For closer view of charts and images double tap/ double click to bring the image to the center.
Click this button to enlarge image.
A new revision view,
Simple Markup
, provides a clean, uncomplicated view of your document, but you still see indicators where tracked changes have been made.
The comments are associated with the people who made them. You can even contact the person through phone, IM, video chat, or email.
And now you can directly reply to comments.
Truly, these newly added and enhanced features makes Word 2013 amazing to use.
Here is a list of Word 2013
keyboard shortcuts
Presentation made by:
Sarah Jane A. Ruiz
Thank You and GOD Bless!
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