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No description

Andrew W

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of panda

Flicker the giant panda or Ailuropoda by Andrew w
computers p4 flicker Predators The leopard,yellow-throated marten and the jackal are one of the only preders that will try to kill a panda manly a cub. f Wan they are cubs they are easy prey but they can climb trees or there mom can attack the preder. Giant pandas the giant panda manly eats plants.90% of its food is bamboo.t will also eat honey. the giant panda manly eats plant however it will eat meat if it finds any. he common panda can eat 3,500 sticks of bamboo 90% of its food is bamboo vadsadasd Diet flicker flicker Lifespan flicker Population & Endangered Status Wikimedia Habitats panda family places theat the panda lives the giant panda lives in bamboo forest. the giant panda also live on mountains.the giant panda also live on mountains.The giant panda is only found in china.The panda is found southwest of china. The panda is highly endangered. There are 300 that live in zoos. There are four zoos that have pandasin the us.The number of padas in the wild are 1,300.THe giant panda population is 1,600. The ganda lives to be 18 to 20 years in the wild and In the zoos the giant panda lives to be 25 to 35.A cub panda weighs 4 to 8 ounces.A cub panda looks like a puppy wall it is born. A baby panda can't see or hear win it is born. The giant panda is not in the baer family.The giant panda is in the red panda and raccoon family.This has been proven by the pandas diet and skull. The panda does not hibernate like most mammals.There is conflict about if a panda is a bear or not. identity





panda diet


wwf global



Population & Endangered Status


panda family
howstuffwork websites Wan they are cubs they are easy prey Win they are a cub they also have a there mom to goud them.The leopard is one of the pandas most common predators. the jackal is a nouser predator for the panda.the yellow-throated marten is the last one.the panda cub can climb trees to ran from its predators.An adult panda has very little amount of predaters. flicker
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