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The Sliver Bear

No description

Michael Rodriguez

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of The Sliver Bear

THE SILVER BEAR The most preffered weapon for close combat .
Columbus gets into many different situations
when he looks to get a job done. At close range
this is his first choice. This is his weapon for long range. Sometimes he can't just be out in the open, he has to be stealthy and hidden for a high quality assasination. He uses this for swarms of henchmen that are protection for is main
target. Most of the time he just goes for the main target, but every situation is different and he has to be prepared for anything. Columbus eventually finds
his target and finishes the
job, he goes on with his business and looks for new targets, and his old girlfriend. Columbus is an assassin sworn to kill people that are a danger to
our country. From politicians to rapists and several serial killers.
He has no family or friends. Only clients and assistants. His job is
dangerous so he can't have people to love. Only people to kill, people to pay, and people to protect. His life growing up was hard but from that life he built strength and skill. He was able to grow up with a job that he could do, but once he was brought into the world of assassins, there was no stopping him. He was top rank, top notch, and top of the list.
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