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Embedding Compassion

No description

Jeremy Tonkin

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Embedding Compassion

Core Compassion Group
The Compassion System
'How To Start A Movement'
TED talk by Derek Sivers
Embedding Compassion
Why Good People Do Bad Things
Absence of Compassion
Inside Individuals
The Bad Apples
The Bad Barrel
Different perspectives
Philip Zimbardo "The Lucifer Effect"
Broad influences: political,
economic, legal power
The Bad Barrel-Makers
1 Listening
2 Curiosity
3 Appreciation
4 Community
5 Leadership
The Habits of Compassion
1. Identify the host
2. Identify the guests
3. Form the Council and commit
4. Learn
5. Lead
6. Inspire
7. Enable
Core Compassion Group (Energy)
Reflection for Members
of the Community (Wisdom)
Compassion in supervision
Thinking meetings
We Are All Heroes In Waiting
The very same situation has the power to: - inflame the Hostile Imagination
- render most people passive bystanders, guilty of the evil of inaction
- or inspire the Heroic Imagination
Situations have the power to do 3 things:
Culture (Walking the Talk)
6 Self
7 Nature
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