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Amy Hong

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Snickers

Flavours of
-Amy & Hui Lin- SNICKERS It is a chocolate bar with soft rich chocolate, crispy nougat, melted caramel and crunchy nuts!!! What is SNICKERS? Children Who is interested in SNICKERS? -peanut butter



-milk chocolate

-dark chocolate

-ice-cream > It is a form of an energy bar so it gives energy.

> It is good for our heart rotation.

>It has nuts: crunchy and healthy!!!

> It has caramel and chocolate that measures our sugar level.

> It tastes good and comes in all different flavours!

> The chocolate is rich and creamy. Yum! Why is SNICKERS
so good? 1) Over 15 million SNICKERS bar are manufactured everyday!!! Fun facts about
SNICKERS The price of SNICKERS in Malaysia is RM3.00 Price & Promotions
of SNICKERS A creamy rich chocolate that you love in the first bite!!! The lovable sweet that you sink your teeth into!!! Mmm~ Tastes good~ Teenagers Adults Chocolatiers Those who enjoys SNICKERS 2) In UK and Ireland, SNICKERS was under the brand name 'Marathon' until 1990. 3) SNICKERS have about 16 nuts in a bar. 4) SNICKERS are sold in over 70 countries, such as India, America, Australia, UK. 6) 1984, SNICKERS was the Official Snack Food sponsor for the Los Angeles Olympics. 5) In 1933 to 1935, SNICKERS was a two piece bar but in 1936 it changed to a single form. 7) The name of the SNICKERS came from a famous horse from the Mars family. 8) When SNICKERS was launched in 1930, it merely cost 5 cents. 9) A couple tried to name their child SNICKERS. There are sales that the people do to sell SNICKERS:

* Buy 1, Free 1
* 20% for the first 100 people
* 3 in 1 sale
* Sell in packets They put advertisemets in media like RADIO, TV, INTERNET. They put funny videos. Peanut Butter Almond Nuts Ice-cream SNICKERS advertisements- enjoy! Dark Milk Caramel Chocolate Nuts Nougat Now, there is even SNICKERS with the shape of an egg!!! Tada!!! Easter Snickers!!! Visit www.snickers.com
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