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Rap Battle

No description

Prezi Performer

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Rap Battle

Rap Battle
By: Lew
Second Round
Final Round
First Round
Alright, new comer
Good job picking the beat
Though your knowledge on words
You just learned from the street

Your rap was not bad
Not bad for a rookie
Yet your rap was soft
Yet softer than cookie
It's the first round in
You acted nice as a flower
But better yet you were
Like a lemon, sour
Your rap in the Finals
You tried your best
Showed a lot of effort, but
This round was only a test

A very decent rap
Not alright, but just swell
I'll finish the round right now
You were only "Saved By The Bell"
Stop trying to flip words
Like Vanna White
Still yours was still fake
But faker than pyrite

All these raps I said
All of them I wrote
You can't touch me
In math, you would be the asymptote
You were being too loud
Louder than an earthquake
I'd rather be with my friends and
Watch them do the Harlem Shake
Albert Einstein, Madea
As well as Scooby-Doo
Even Mickey Mouse and Michael Phelps
Can rap better than you
The words that come out of my mouth
Can turn the moon into sunlight
After listening to you
I'd rather drink a Sprite

There's one round left
I'll just reverse my cap
Cause I'll be like my two fingers
I'm about to snap
I got the final mic
I got the final call
I'll make you be like gravity
I'm about to make you fall

The people here love me
They love me like the beach
For you make the fans move away
For you would be more like the leech
You were stiff as a board
You were cold as ice
For I'm about to eat you up
For you would be my rice

Everyone here is pumped up
And the people do not hate
I will end you like chess
For I'll put you in checkmate

For this final rap
I didn't need to rehearse
Although your rap was ok
To fit on my friend's purse
My rap was like water
It can clear away the smoke
Your rap made the plant wither
You're not the arti, but the choke

Oh, one last thing
Before I go
Your rap was like a pendulum
Not tick-tock, but slow
Made By:
"LEW" Sterling Jr.
Background Music
Hip Hop Instrumental
[Sickest Beat ever]

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