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Goal: Use context clues to determine meaning of unknown wor

No description

Jill Scott

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Goal: Use context clues to determine meaning of unknown wor

Then they would march with it in the local Earth Day parade.

1. a small area nearby

2. involving a small part of the body

3. relating to a position in space

"A dump would be fun too!" Peter said. "We can even show slimy stuff oozing all over."

1. something that is slippery and slick

2. offensive

3. saying something rude
"I'm sorry, but I -" Peter started to apologized. He tried to mop up the mess.

1. a formal justification

2. to say "I'm sorry"

1. to say something in way that is forceful and does not allo disagreement

2. demanded something

3. to place special stress or great importance
"Well, this nner is proof that you're really talented," Chloe said.

1. a test print

2. to show that something is true

3. to activate
Goal: To use context clues to determine meaning of words
To do:

1. Read new words
2. Use context clues
3. Complete chart
4. Impress me

"That's the point!" Peter insisted. "A dump isn't good for the environment. That's why we should paint it."
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