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Angela & Christine ^_^


guildford public

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Angela & Christine ^_^

By Angela Nguyen and Christine Yau Dragon keeper This Book Is About Text to self ( Angela & Christine) This text reminds us of when we were hide-and-seek tag with
her brother who tried hard to tackle us when we were
running from him. This book is about an enslaved girl who escapes her master. But since she has nowhere else to ago she accompanies an ancient dragon to the Ocean, trying to evade a dragon hunter. On her journey she learns many things about herself, whilst trying to protect a mysterious stone. Text to self ( Christine ) There is a section in this book where
the main character, Ping goes on a boat
to sail down the river. I have travelled down a river by boat too. Text to text ( Angela & Christine ) This book reminds us of when we watched the movie Sister Act:1 because in both texts, the main character gets pursued by a person who tries to hurt them.
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