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Oregon's Diamond Lake

No description

Rya Hickey

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Oregon's Diamond Lake

Oregon's Diamond Lake
Diamond Lake is located 5 miles north of Crater Lake. You can go there for a fun family vacation or for the famous fishing in the lake.
"Before" Food Web
Introduction of the Tui Chub
The Tui Chub was introduced to the lake when it escaped from the hooks of fishermen while being used as live bait. After escaping, the Chub began to eat the zooplankton in the lake. The zooplankton were food for the rainbow trout, whose population drastacally declined due food loss.
Water problems
Due to the dramatic loss of zooplankton, the algae that the zooplankton ate thrived and grew rapidly. This algae releases a dangerous neurotoxin when it blooms. So, due to the increase of this algae, the water became dangerous to most everyone.
To restore saftey to Diamond Lake, rotenone was put into the lake to decrease the population of the Tui Chub. After treating the lake, the dead chub would be removed from the lake. As a result, Chub population greatly decreased and so did the algae.
"After" food web
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