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sameera sayed

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of McDonalds

About McDonalds
Highway Billboard
Flaws with the McChicken
McDonalds McChicken contains synthethic ingredients which are chemicals that make processed food possible because its keeping its organic materials from going bad. Now, real food is fresh and perishable and with time it begins to decay which is a natural process and it is bound to happen but McDonalds food just does not rot. It stays fresh even after 4 weeks. why? Because the chicken sold at McDonalds are made of something that resembles pink slime. After selecting the best parts of the chicken, the remains which are the fat, skin and internal organs are processed for chicken. The chicken are basically mechanically-separated chicken which is a mixture created when the bones and the carcass of a leftover chicken are mixed together in a food processor.

Magazine Ad
Did you know.....
McDonalds is recognized as a famous franchising company around the world and the world's largest restaurant chain. McDonalds is the world's leading global food service retailer with over 35,000 locations serving approximately 70 million customers in over 100 countries each day. McDonalds is targeted towards everyone, starting from kids to teenagers and adults, basically anyone who is interested in having tasty food according to McDonalds. McDonalds menu consists of a variety of foods ranging from chicken burgers to fish burgers to salads, Mcflurries, dollar drinks and so much more. McDonalds also appeal to so many people with its catchy and memorable slogan " I'm lovin it."
In conclusion, McDonalds has been deceiving its customers for many years with its fatty foods and McChicken burgers and also their misleading way of advertising products that in reality is very unhealthy to the human body.
Today i will be presenting 3 advertisements on the famous McChicken. The McChicken is a chicken sandwich sold by the international fast food chain McDonalds. The sandwich consists of a toasted wheat bun, a breaded chicken breast meat patty, shredded lettuce and mayonnaise.
Whats wrong with this product?
Tv Advertisement
The first advertisement that i have chosen to analyze is a television ad promoting the McChicken. This ad is an example of a product advertisement. This ad is shown during the commercials and its quite effective because it has already got almost every viewer's attention. This ad shows a high degree of effectiveness because of the way they presented it, it has it's bold black colour in the background making the viewer focus directly towards the burger. It sets the mood and makes the audience want to have a burger and the McChicken is the perfect burger in the ad. The ad tries to provoke people's taste buds into buying the burger. It also has the burger at very close eye level to show in detail what is exactly inside the burger. The tv ad shows the delicious burger with the lettuce and mayonnaise layering the burger. The ad also shows us the low price of the burger.
The ad does show us how delicious the burger is and in detail what is inside the burger, but it does not tell the audience what flaws are hidden in the advertisement as well as the product. To start off with, the McChicken burger has in total 360 calories which is alot of calories to be present in just one small burger. You would need to walk about 94 minutes to burn the 360 calories you just gained by eating a McChicken. The burger does not look like that in reality either. The burger does not look as appetizing as it does in the commercial and it does not look as bloated which is huge disappointment to the customer's expectations.
The second advertisment i have chosen
to analyze is a McChicken magazine ad.
This ad
Magazine Advertisement
The second advertisement i have chosen to analyze is a magazine advertisement promoting the McChicken with more offers. The magazine advertisement promoting the McChicken catches alot of people's attention because it has a coupon urging people to actually buy the sandwich because its such a great deal. Adding the coupon is just another approach to get people to buy their sandwich because with money saving coupons, McDonalds entice people to buy their brand over another. The ad also mentions its a one time offer as well as a limited offer, its only going to be around for a short period of time making people feel like they have to buy the sandwich even if it is just to know how it tastes. This ad actually calls out to chicken lovers, saying that this chicken sandwich is for them, its being targeted towards people who love to eat chicken and its putting its sandwich above any other company that sells chicken. But what they do not acknowledge is how highly processed the oils in that chicken is making it very fatty and unhealthy. In the ad, the sandwich is put at very close eye level here as well making the viewer stare at the sandwich, and because it looks so good and that is how they make sales because its a good price, it comes with a coupon and it looks very tasty.

The last advertisement i have chosen to analyze is a highway billboard that is advertising the new flavors the McChicken has launched. It shows the new hot and spicy flavor to the McChicken and it also highlights the fact that the McChicken is a dollar for a short period of time. Highway Advertisments are highly effective because its almost everywhere. The ad is almost at every exit of the highway which makes people want to buy it because it seems so popular. Normally, advertisments over exaggerate the McChicken making it seem like the best chicken sandwich. We already know that it does not look as appetizing in reality and they dont show us how the chicken is made.
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