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VOSS Water Final Presentation

No description

Kine Gaare

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of VOSS Water Final Presentation

Increase in demand for nice and different bottles
Value adding attributes such as the history/heritage behind the water, can be a positive factor
The look and brand of the bottle > than the content
Plastic bottles are unacceptable
Loyal relationships to supplier
As few suppliers as possible is favorable
It is normal to have the same water supplier as wine supplier
The end-consumer is not very price-sensitive when going out for a better meal
Decision taken by the F&B manager
Buys in big quantum
Part 1
1. Company Presentation
2.Problem Definition
3. Limitations
4. Macro Environment
4.1 Key Figures
4.2 Main Competitores
4.3 Main Trends
5. Primary Research Findings
5.1 Restaurants/Hotels
5.2 Focus Groups
5.3 Observations
6. The models
- Porter's FIve Forces
- Buyer Decision Process

Voss Water
Voss water is a twelve-year-old premium bottled water company

Internatonal from day one, and is currently represented in 47 countries

Tapped at an artesian source in Southern Norway, Iveland

Sold almost exclusively through high-end hotels,restaurants and clubs
Problem Definition
"How can VOSS water increase sales in the Spanish market?"
Macro Environment
Main Competitors
Main Trends
Key Figures
Solan de Cabras 7,3 %*
Vichy Catalan 44 % *
Font Vella y Lanjaron 4,8- 10%*
Veri 6,2 % *
Font d`or n.n
Malavella 9,3 %*
Cabreirora n.n
Numen n.n
Vilas del Turbón n.n
Direct Competitors
International Direct Competitors
Evian Glass Bottles
Bling h2o
Fiji Water
Environmental focus
PET bottles
Social and environmental measures implemented by companies to increase the value of the brand amongst consumers.

Incline in sales by 2,7% as an effect of the finance crisis. Increased the ongoing price war.

Companies launches special edition glass bottles and diverse bottles to cater to different needs thereby targeting a larger population.

Core messages of health and hydration
Research Problem Development

Customer behaviour
Porter's Five Forces
Buyer Decision Process B2B
Key Information Needed
1. Research Approach 4. End Consumer
2. Procurement 5. Trends
3. Demand and Sales
Problem Areas
Theorethical Framework
Primary Research Design
In-depth Interviews:
Hotels and Restaurants
Focus Groups
Primary Research Findings; Exclusive Restaurants/hotels
Primary Research Findings; Focus Groups
The end consumer has little impact for VOSS water in terms of sales to the Horeca channels. This is due to three key findings

The consumer will not ask for a specific water brand, rather it is in his expectations that when going to an exclusive restaurant he/she is served the best.

The consumer will in most restaurants not have the opportunity to choose between different water brands.

Brand recognition towards the brand VOSS was low
“ If I go to a nice restaurant I would expect them to bring me a nice water, because I know what I’m paying”
Marketing Mix:
Part 1: Analytical
Economical -> Geographical
Primary Research Findings: Observations
Observations regarding Voss:

Unfavourable product placement, difficult to spot (El Corte Ingles Gourmet, Colmado Quilez)
High number of competing premium brands on the same shelves (El Corte Inglés Gourmet, Colmado Quilez)

Observations regarding Competitors:

Some presence of premium international brands (Fiji, H2O, Hildon)
No premium brands represented in the supermarkets
The most visible brands where Solan De Cabras, Vichy Catalan, Font Vella and Bezoya
Porter's Five Forces
Macro Segments
Macro-Segment 1:
What: Image
Who: Individuals
How: Mineral Water

Macro-Segment 2:
What: Image
Who: Companies
How: Mineral Water

Recently entered more accessible retail such as Meny and Rema 1000 in Norway

The Voss brand values rest upon three core values:
1. Purity
2. Distinction
3. Responsibility

Bottel designed by former creative director for Calvin Klein
Identifying the Micro Segments
Macro Segment 1: Companies- Image- Water
Macro Segment 2: Individuals-Image-Water
Marketing Mix:
Product Solution Lifecycle
Macro Segment 1: "Maturity"
Macro Segment 2: "Late Shake-out"
Development Strategy
Buyer Decision Process B2B
Postitioning Map

Strategic Key Success Factors and Distinctive Competencies

“The VOSS mission is to offer the purest, freshest and most iconic water on the market. With a focus on the global environment and responsibility, VOSS water works on maintaining 100% carbon neutrality and on providing clean drinking water to the rest of the world through the VOSS foundation program.”

Frame Of Reference
Mineral Water
Luxury Goods
Mineral Water
Part 2
8. Frame Of Reference
9. Product Solution Lifecycle
10. Micro Segments
11. KSF + DC
12. Development Strategy
13. Positioning
14. Marketing Mix
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