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Kristjana Þórarinsdóttir

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Þjónustustjórnun

Location strategy Birgir Snævarr Ásþórsson
Kristjana Björg Þórarinsdóttir
Rick Tijmen van den Bergh
Rögnvaldur Andri Halldórsson Introduction We examined
-A theme park in Holland
-Established in 1952
-Is a model of a dutch town on a 1:25 scale
-Has its own major elected by a youth council
The London Eye
-Biggest ferris wheel in Europe, 135 meters tall
-The most popular tourist attraction in UK, 3,5 million visitors annually
-A low price grocery store in Iceland
-Specializes in groceries from USA
-A concert and conference center í Reykjavik
-Home of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and The Icelandic Opera
-Eldborg is Harpas biggest hall and can seat up to 1800 persons Madurodam A theme park in Holland Madurodam
A theme park in Holland Access:
-Located in central London
-Great access to public transportation
-Stands out because of height
-At night it is lit up
-Lots of traffic around The London eye
-Visitors are encouraged to use public transport
-Other tall buildings that offer view
-Lots of tourist attractions in London
-Part of a London day trip The London Eye
Biggest ferris wheel in Europe The London Eye
Biggest ferris wheel in Europe Access:
-Close to a highway
-Complicated to get from highway to store
-Visible from main road
-Hard to find when you get of the main road
-Not much traffic near store
-Competitors located nearby, Bónus and Krónan.
-Kostur sells many thing that are not sold in -other stores
-Near a big Shopping mall Kostur
A low price grocery store in Kópavogur. Kostur
A low price grocery store in Kópavogur Access:
-Located in Reykjavík Center
-Located beside a main road
-Stands out
-Not enclosed by other buildings
-Dens at peak hours
-Harpan stands out in size and sound quality
-Other smaller concert halls in Reykjavík area
-In-house restaurant
-Great view from building
-In-house stores Harpan
A concert and conference hall in Reykjavik Harpan
A concert and conference hall in Reykjavík Similarities
-Close to major roads
-Easy access with public transportation
-All are visible from some distance
-All are unique in a way

-Tourists attraction vs. grocery store
-Madurodam is not in a city
-Harpa's many faces Similarities and differences Madurodam
-Closer to Amsterdam
The London Eye
-None we could find
-Signs to show where to from main road
-Another location
-Bus stops in front of main entrance Improvements Thank you Access:
-Near a motorway
-Good public transportation
-Stands out in the surroundings
-Can be dense specially during summer
-Limited competition
-One of a kind
-Close to „De Pier“ and The Hague
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