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George Washington, Spymaster Book Report

No description

Madeline Fulwood

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of George Washington, Spymaster Book Report

Maddie Fulwood George Washington,
Spymaster The book; George Washington, Spy master takes place in the late seventeen hundreds, during the Revolutionary War. This war took place in early America Setting... My book is basically a biography about Washington's life before war and during the war. Characters... George Washington lead the Americans to out spy the British, and therefore won the Revolutionary War. Theme In my story the plot is when the "invisiable army" won the war. The war ended when the British were counter attacked by the Patriots and French army on a peninsula. The British found out that some of the patriot army were staying the night at the tip of a peninsula and desided to sneak up and attack. But little did they know that this was Washington's plan the entire time. So as General Cornwallis and his troops were marching a series of militia attacked and later George Washington came behind and counter attacked which later resulted in Cornwallis surrendering. Plot Summary... Core 1
1/12/13 Thomas B. Allen George Washington: Courageous, intelligent, sneaky, strong, and kindhearted. Washington was the head general of the entire Patriot army during the Revoluionary War. Charles Cornwallis: decietful, sneaky, vicious.
Cornwallis was the head general of the entire
British army. Fact VS. Fiction... WORK CITED.... George Washington, Spymaster.... and
http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/propaganda?s=ts In my book it made George Washington look superior to Charles Cornwallis and the War was the last resort that the Patriots had to becoming their own country. But in reality there were other options and both Generals had their faults and strengths. Tone: Formal The tone was formal
because it outlined the entire history of Revolutionary War and Washington's role in the war.
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