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Wednesday Wars Chapter: May

No description

Jack Fuller

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Wednesday Wars Chapter: May

Wednesday Wars Chapter: May

By:Jamie, Sydney, Jack
1: What awareness was brought up in May?
2:Who is going to renovate the Yankee Stadium?
3:Where did Heather go to find herself?
4:What did Mrs.Baker say about Shakespeare?
5:What college did Heather want to go to?
6:Why did Holling and Mrs.Baker go on a field trip?
7:How much did it cost to get a ticket to New York?
8:Was Lieutenant Baker found alive or dead?
9:What car did Holling want to drive to go get his sister?
10:How many practices were they aloud to miss since they won the competition?
In this prezi you will learn about the characters, Shakespeare's play, the timeline of this chapter, and many more.
Welcome to the beginning of this.
Event 1: Atomic bomb awareness month occurs in May and they did drills every day until the end of the month.(209)
Event 2: The Yankee stadium contract went to Kowalisiki and Associates.(211)
Event 3: Heathers wanted to go to Columbia University but her dad did not so they fought that evening ((211-212)
Event 4: Holling found a note saying that she left to go find herself near the Rocky Mountains with Chit.(213)
Event 5: The house became "quiet and still" (214)
Event 6: Holling and Mrs. Baker go on a field trip to discover local points of architecture (221-223)
Event 7: Holling lit his first candle in a Catholic church and prayed for his first time in a Catholic church.(225)
Event 8: Heather calls home and she and Holling talk and Holling realizes he loves his sister (226)
Event 9: Holling goes to a Western union window and cashes in his savings bond for his sisther and sends it to Heather Ave.(229)
Event 10: He goes and gets Ford Mustang keys to go get Heather but his mom instead gives him money to have lunch and get back by train.(230-231)
Event 11: Mr.Kowaliski takes Holling to point authority to meet with his sister.(232)
Event 12: Holling and his sister Heather have fun that whole day having lunch and hanging out at Central Park.(233)
Event 13: Mr.Baker is found alive and sent Mrs. Baker a telegram that said " Sweet eyes stop out of the jungle stop ok stop home in time for strawberries stop lovety stop."(236)

The Line of Time.
Description of Characters
Holling Hoodhood: The 7th grade protagonist he started out thinking that everything revolved around him and thought that Mrs. Baker was out to get him. However realized that she is more worried about her husband. He also also realized how much he loved his sister and we realized that to when he said "She knew that I would be the only one awake to pick up the phone-I started to cry right away. And she did to." (226)

Heather Hoodhood: Hollings sister, she is lost in a way and her parents are not helping her. So she runs away and but half way through the trip she realizes that she wanted to go back. She gets Holling to help her get home but when they meat in New York City they have a good day just hanging out. Holling said this "It was spring in Central Park, and being there th my sister was enough." (234)

Mrs. Hoodhood: Cared more for Heather than Mr. Hoodhood and that can be shown when she gives Holling the money to go get Heather have lunch and get back. "She will be at port at 10:50. 'repeated my mother her hand up to her mouth and her eyes suddenly filled." (230) This quote shows that she wants Heather back and loved her.
The Allusion of Shakespeare
The allusion in the book was the story Hamlet. According to the resources we found they all some what agree that Hamlet was arguably an amazing character and one of the best. Hamlet was the Prince of Denmark the setting is London, England, early Seventeenth century. Hamlets father was murdered by his uncle Claudius because Claudius wanted the throne. Hamlet feels like he needs to avenge his fathers death because his father comes back as a ghost and tells Hamlet to avenge him. In Act III scene IV Hamlet kills Polonius, the chief counselor of the king, by stabbing him. Hamlet gets sent to England to be executed but stops in Denmark and confronts Laertes, the son of Polonius, the fence and in the end all the royals that spoke at all in play died no joke.
If you can read this congrats you get a cookie
Leonid Brezhnev was an archetypal Soviet politician. He was a communist and was elected President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet in 1960, until 1964. He emerged at a national level during the cold war. It was a dangerous era. Holling mentions his thoughts of Leonid just dropping a bomb on the Camillo Junior High.
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