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Colton Burpo

No description

Emily Greene

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Colton Burpo

Colton Burpo
Born: May 19, 1999 in Oklahoma
He is still alive and well today
1 brother: Colby Burpo
2 sisters: Cassidy Burpo and one that died before birth. (They didn't know if she was a boy or girl until Colton went to heaven and found out himself)
Parents: Sonja and Todd Burpo
Colton goes to Chase County High School in Imperial Nebraska. Here he participates in band, winning the Boys Ensemble and top ratings in the solos.
When Colton was three his appendix burst and had to go into surgery. While in surgery Colton claims that he went to heaven and met Jesus.
Since Colton is only 15 he does not yet have a job, he spends his days in school, learning.
On Sundays Colton likes to sing at his church.
He also likes to play his instrument and hangout with friends.

Why is he famous?
Colton claimed that he went to heaven while in surgery for a burst appendix.
How has he inspired others?
Colton has helped people become more religious and believe in God. He has also given people an inside on what heaven is really like.

Colton, at the age of three, when he went to heaven found out that his mother had a miscarriage and he actually met his sister. His parents didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl, she wasn’t even named.
Interesting Facts
What qualities make Colton interesting?
Even though a lot of people all around the globe know of him he still lives in a small town, with a small house, is still very connected to God, and is very modest.
Also while Colton was in heaven he met his father's grandpa, Pops. He never met him before then and after the surgery he picked him out of a photo that he had not yet seen.
The most interesting fact I found
While in heaven he looked down on his parents. He saw his dad in the chapel yelling at God and his mom calling the prayer chain. May I remind you that he was in surgery at this time and they were in totally different rooms.

Todd, Colton's father found pictures of Jesus that a girl that claimed to also go to heaven painted and showed them to Colton. Colton said that that was exactly what Jesus looked like.
Famous Quotes

“They don’t believe do they?”
- Colton Burpo

“It’s going to be okay. The first person you are going to see is Jesus.”
- Colton Burpo

“Jesus said He really really loves the children.”
- Colton Burpo
“All the colors in the rainbow are in heaven. Except they’re all...more.”
- Colton Burpo


Book Title: Heaven is For Real
Author: Todd Burpo
Name of Publisher: HIFR Ministries Inc.
Place Published: Nashville, Tennessee
Date Published: 2010
Works Cited

Internet Website
Internet Website Title: Heaven is For Real Timeline
Internet Address: http://heavenisforreallinton.blogspot.com/p/timeline.html
Date I Used It: April 28, 2015
What did I learn from this project?

While doing this project I learned that Colton went to Chase County High School
I also learned that many people, more than I thought, knew about him.
May 19th, 1999

February 27th, 2003
Colton has stomach pains and a high fever, they think it is the flu.

March 1st, 2003
They go to Denver Butterfly Pavillion. Colton starts puking wildly.

March 3, 2003
Colton is examined by a doctor in Imperial, Nebraska, who diagnosis the suggestion of appendicitis.

March 5, 2003
They check out of the Imperial Hospital and drives Colton North Platte, Nebraska's Great Plains Regional Medical Center here they prepare for surgery

March 5, 2003
Colton undergoes his first surgery, an appendectomy. He has both a ruptured appendix & an abscess.

March 13 2003
Colton undergoes a second surgery a Celiotomy, to drain the abscess. During the surgery a total of 3 abscesses are found.

March 17, 2003
The doctor insists that there is nothing more he can do for Colton and that he should be transferred but 2ft snow drifts block all exits. But the next day Colton shows big signs of improvement.

July 3, 2003
While visiting cousins Colton tells his story about going to heaven for the first time.

May 19, 2010
Colton turns 11 and is living a healthy life

a serious medical condition in which the appendix becomes inflamed and painful.

a surgical operation to remove the appendix.

a swollen area within body tissue, containing an accumulation of pus.

Thanks you for watching?!
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