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The Skeleton Man

No description

mya renaud

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of The Skeleton Man

The Main Idea of The Story:
The main idea of this book is when Molly's dad tells her a story about skeleton man and how he will take you and your family and eat your flesh for food.
We rate skeleton man 4 stars because it creates imagination for us to visualize in our heads.
The tool shed is what skeleton man goes into every night when Molly is going to bed or when Molly is occupied.
Molly: Molly is a 11 year old girl. She has to stay with her scary so-called uncle. Molly's mom & dad went out and never came home, so molly has no mom & dad, OR DOES SHE??
Skeleton man: Skeleton man is a man but him and his old family went camping one day and he accidently burned himself in a fire. He ate his own flesh so he burned his whole body and now he is just a skeleton. Man who likes to eat peoples flesh.
What we think about the book
By: Mya, Jersy, Michael and Konner.
I hoped that you liked it
The Skeleton Man
The book that we have read is called Skeleton man by Joseph Bruchac. The two main characters are molly and skeleton man. One day molly's parents went out for dinner but they never came back , skeleton man found them. This book is about a man who eats his own and other peoples flesh for food. He makes his niece eat, so that he can eat her one day. Molly tries to escape from skeleton man 3 different time, but it doesn't work.
The Tool Shed
I would recommend this book to people who love suspenseful stories. I think that this book is a little easier than most books because you know how the person is feeling and why they are feeling that way.
By: Jersy Heinbuch
What I think about this book is that it as very good I think that the detail was good, and that I like and that they had molly say what she was thinking
Mya Renaud
I like the book because it is cool and I like the characters and mac me wonder what will happen next.
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