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Lego project


taewoo Kang

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Lego project

Lego Robot Project Taewoo Kang Lawrence Daniel Hellen Andrew Beckman Pita Team Contents 1. Problem Definition

2. Mechanical System Description

3. Software Description

4. Team Dynamics

5. Bill of Materials

6. Robot Competition Results

7. Project Assessment Problem Definition Design and build an autonomous robot that can collect 8 orange colored golf balls and deposit them in the peach basket centered on the track as shown below. Mechanical System Description Propulsion Navigation Ball collection Robot Competition Results Software Description Team Dynamics How was your team organized
to complete the project?
Was there an overall project manager?
Were there sub-groups to complete certain tasks?
If there were sub-groups, how
were the individual systems integrated to work together? Provide a description of how your project was completed in chronological order. State which team members were responsible for completing each task. What task was the most difficult to complete? why? Which team member (or members) were most valuable to the team? Explain. Did the size of your team help or hinder your effectiveness? How could your team
have been more successful? ENR 161 Fall 2012 Performance Cost Design Project Assessment compare your robot's performance with those of other teams.
Describe features from other robots that you would consider using if you were to repeat this project.
Discuss the features that your robot possessed that other teams may wish to borrow from you design. Did the performance of your robot justify the cost?
What inefficiencies were present that added unnecessarily to the cost? How could these costs be reduced and by how much? What were the greatest strengths and weaknesses of your design?
What changes would improve your design most?
How long would it take to complete these changes and how much would it cost? Bill of Materials
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