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Arif Al-Muhairy

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Presentation Template

1990 1992 1991 1993 1994 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Corporation assets costs 165 million The Evolution of
Engineering & Services department All projects and maintenance were executed under the operation department Projects and maintenance staff under operation department
86 FTE
0 Hired staff Job evaluation and new grading system 1-16 by MEIRC consulting was implemented Total maintenance cost 4.2 million outsourced maintenance contract 1 New aviation terminal "Emojet" was commissioned Central workshop and store was commissioned Maintenance staff cost 4.6 million Corporation asset cost 198 million New Emarat HO was commissioned First Emarat new corporate identity station was commissioned New Emarat stations added to retail network 15 Organizational structure designed by M/S Arthur D. Little Terminal projects and maintenance under operation department Retail projects under
sales department 85 9 FTE Hired Staff 30 FTE 124 23 additional Emarat Stations added to retail network Engineering and services department was created Maintenance section 131 FTE and Hired staff without Purchasing and Stores staff Project sections Purchasing and stores section 70 FTE
32 Hired Staff 29 FTE 12 FTE Emarart Atrium was commissioned Additional Emarat stations added to retail network 16 Additional Emarat stations added to retail network 11 Additional Emarat stations added to retail network 12 New Fujairah expansion was commissioned asset cost 300 million Emoil / Emdad terminal was commissioned Asset cost 286 million Corporation asset cost 418 million Total maintenance cost 4.8 million Maintenance staff cost 5.5 million Sharjah Aviation depot was commissioned Asset cost 6 million LPG storage and distribution center was commissioned Asset cost 15 million 98 outsourced maintenance contract 90% of the maintenance budget Corporation asset cost 1682 million Implementation of new organizational structure Launched Maximo CMMS system Manpower optimization
64 Approved position
49 FTE
0 Hired Staff Asset cost of 2012 Asset cost of 1990 10 2013 Mercer/ Oliver Wyman consultants were assigned to review organizational structure, job descriptions and compensation and benefits Acquisition of 74 stations by Adnoc
Closure of 25 stations in the northern Emirates Retail network shrinked to 70 stations in Dubai
+ 11 non fueling sites Ronald Berger's perspective M/S Ronald Berger was assigned to optimize Emarat's loss in the retail network Corporation Assets Original Cost (excluding Emoil / Emdad Asset Cost) Maintenance Revenue Expenditure Engineering & Services Department Staff Cost Number of Outsourced Maintenance Contracts Total FTE and
Hired Staff Corporation asset cost by 273 million Reduction of Asset cost 75 million Asset cost 27 million Launched in-house developed

system CMMS Asset cost 97 million Retail projects and maintenance under retail department Projects and maintenance under operation and logistics department Engineering staff cost 15 million Corporation asset cost 785 million Maintenance cost 26 million Corporation asset cost 1000 million Purchasing and stores section transferred to Finance and Account department 10 years summary ... APPROVED SANCTIONS FOR PROJECTS Emarat 80/11 ICAM
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