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Hipster Subculture

No description

kate bettsack

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Hipster Subculture

Hipster Subculture
Kate Bettsack
Isabella Sierra

What they eat?
Many hipsters prefer vegetarian diets .
Advertise the organic lifestyle, where foods contain minimum synthetic and chemical materials.
This approach is as well very eco-friendly though hipsters themselves take it as cool and retro.
Their musical taste is indie rock, also reflected in their urge for the free independent lifestyle
Independent movies and underground music.
The original wording of the hipster subculture came from the expression “to be hip”
Things that come from previous century and can be referred to as ‘retro’ including their grandmother’s clothes
Glasses that their purpose its not to see
Converse running shoes.
T-shirts with prints
Extremely skinny pants
Professional cameras
media they use
Hipsters also have their own online sources
Online hipster platforms include look-books, blogs, twitter, Tumblr, reddit, instagram

Young person from 16 to 25
Middle class
Really interested in alternative bands, art-house movies and today’s art in general.
Today a hipster stands for?
Flexibility and tolerance to all kinds of people with no regard of their race, ethnicity, sexual preference or appearance.
Self-expression and freedom of thinking is extremely supported by hipster trend because thinking independently sets you far from the mainstream crowd.

Way of thinking

Hipsters are about rejecting the mainstream so they reject the usual consumer thinking, they look for unique and vintage mindsets.
One of the great trends in hipsters is their passion for do it yourself activities.
Hipsters like handmade goods that come from the eco-friendly tendency in hipster movement.

They prefer dressing at Second Hand shops at times.
American Apparel
Urban Outfitters
This stores advertise the hipster demographics
Where they shop?
Indulging in this subculture was a life changing experience as well as a very interesting project to learn about different cultures that are out there.
Hipster subculture is related to rebelling against the existing norms of the society, not conforming to the mainstream culture, exploring new things in life and thinking independently.
Where they work?
The favorite hipster art form is music, so must hipsters are part of a band or work for something related to music.
They work for a record label, or as a technician, or as a music writer for a free weekly magazine or a blog
"Hipsters would never admit to being one"
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