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Cold Feet

Treball anglés

Rafa FG

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Cold Feet

Main ideas Cold feet Rafa Fayos Gregori I see myself in the main character, Rymer, because he investigates the crime. He is intelligent because he follows the clues without a rest and he doesn't carry along of the appearances. But at the same time he is a realist character because he hesitates and he hasn't got fantastic powers. And he is a reflective boy and he thinks before do it. So at the end he decides not to report the girl. Not always we have to punish people because everyone makes mistakes. Mystery My arm aches so I will go to visit a doctor. Fits Sunrise Images Personal opinion Character Themes I chose this picture because the victim and the murderers are members of a theater team. Behind all of our actions there is always a question: why. New vocabulary Aches The dress fits her and it looks very new. Slightly He opens slightly the door and he comes inside in silence. Beneath Beneath the plane there are some clouds. We can see very well the sunrise at the top of this mountain. Investigation Crime Evilness People use to worry only about himself. Sometimes you commit crimes in benefit of people that you love. When you make a crime you don't know what will pass. I chose this picture because part of the mystery of the crime was that the dead man wore socks but didn't wear shoes. I chose this picture because the body of the dead man was found at the doors of the american consulate. I like mystery books because they keep the truth until the end. In this book we don't know all the details of the crime until the last page. The book use very well the surprise effect: the image of Irma is an image of an harmless woman until we discover that she made the crime. Another point to emphasize is why Rymer doesn't report the guilty people, different from the most of the mystery books. You can think about the reasons of the human behaviour and about the justice. I read this book easy but at the same time I increased my English level.
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