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3 reasons why you should be a Patriot...

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Skye Treise

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of 3 reasons why you should be a Patriot...

5 reasons why you should be a Patriot...
Skye Treise
* England is only taking over because the King wants the colonists to pay money so he can become very wealthy.
Common Sense
*England is too far away for them to be telling us what to do!!!
*The 1st colonists "escaped" religious persecution.
We were being killed because of our religious beliefs.
* The king is gonna drag us into war because he keeps taxing us on items that we really need. We are going to rebel.
*I personally think it is silly for a little island to rule us big 13 colonies. We my not be so rich but we are tough.
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