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Bruce Stewart

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Prototyping

by Bruce Stewart

Patricia likes cooking as a hobby, but thinks she could develop a business from it. She would like to promote the sale of French bread in Asian countries. I offered to help her create a prototype.
In Asia there are many bread shops, but few sell plain bread of good quality as you would get in France. But tastes are changing and making good bread could be making good money, too.
In such bread shops there are many cakes and bread items with fillings, etc., but there is a real lack of plain bread. People eat more sugar and salt than bread it seems.
To do good research, I had to fly to France. Lyons is a nice city, and they have very good bread.
Bread shops in France have plenty of fresh loaves of bread - and many customers. They do good business.
While in France, I realized that to really enjoy the food, you need to experience the culture.
By having "real" French bread, people would not be limited to the kind of bread that is usually available in stores here.
After persuading a local baker to make some French bread, he came up with a couple of baguettes. This was my prototype. I bought one and took it home.
The bread actually tasted quite good. It was a bit airey (and hence larger), and a little salty. Some refinements could be made.
Plenty of food for thought as I contemplate my next step in topsy-turvy Chicago, Illinois.
Patricia has just graduated but needs to develop career goals. Her favorite idea is to travel to other countries.
Back in Asia, I felt the reason why people don't like to buy plain French bread was because they were not used to eating it with cheese. The local stores at least did sell cheese.
One could even buy French flour to bake the bread here in Asia
I sought feedback on the bread from a few friends and summarized my findings on a feedback chart.

The End
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