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Industrial & Systems Engineering (OFFICIAL)

No description

ISE Ambassadors

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Industrial & Systems Engineering (OFFICIAL)

Industrial Engineers are expected to have employment growth of 14 percent over the projections decade, for all occupations. As firms look for new ways to reduce costs and raise productivity, they increasingly will turn to Industrial Engineers to develop more efficient processes and reduce costs, delays, and waste.
Industrial Engineers
make things better.

Industrial & Systems
Applied Mathematics
Computer Programming
Engineers make things.
Limitless Opportunities
faster than the average
Job Growth
Starting Salaries
Internships & Full Time
Academic Programs
B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Industrial and Systems Engineering
M.S. Engineering Management (OEM with Business)
Certificate Quantitative Finance (with Fin, Math, Stat)
Minor Sales Engineering
Minor Business Administration
US News & World
Report Rankings
Undergraduate Program
Overall: 12th (2014)
Public: 10th (2014)

Graduate Program
Overall: 13th (2013)
Public: 9th (2013)
Research Opportunities
Modeling, Optimization and Implementation
Modeling, algorithm development and software implementation for various applications (supply chain, health care, transportation, military, telecom, finance).
Center for Applied Optimization (CAO)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Facility location, inventory planning,
Capacity planning, transportation logistics, transportation pricing, and fleet management.
Partnering with Civil Engineering Transportation Center
Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering (SCaLE Center)
Financial Engineering
Portfolio optimization, capital budgeting,
Revenue management, and contract pricing.
Risk Management and Financial Engineering Lab (RMFE)

Healthcare Diagnostics, Treatment and Delivery
Modeling and optimization in diagnosis,
Treatment, and health care operations.
Funding from NSF, NIH, FL Dept. of Health,
Veterans Health Admin., Epilepsy Foundation
In a nutshell, Industrial Engineers design the most effective way to make a product or provide a service. By using:

In a system to best
predict, evaluate and optimize
the results to be obtained from such systems.

Making Processes Better:
Example of an IE's job:
supply chain
continuous improvement
data systems
Example of an IE's job:
real world simulation
safety & quality
"social engineers"
very people-oriented
Erin Wallace
SVP Walt Disney World
Glen Renwick
CEO Progressive
Ralph Aleman
CEO Hialeah Hospital
Charles Frock
CEO First Health
Bill Nulty
CTO Scientific Logistics
Hunter Jones
CIO Cameron International
Linda Hudson
Pres/CEO BAE Systems
John Dasburg
Former CEO DHL Airways
Former CEO Northwest
Former CFO Burger King
Former CFO Marriott
Jose Smith
Pres Costa Farms
Richard Sharpe
CEO Competitive Logistics
David Thomas
CEO IMS Health
David Corey
CEO Solicore
Executive Director
Director Business Planning
Plant Manager
VP Operations
Senior Consultant
Chief Financial Officer
Alpha Pi Mu

the only nationally recognized industrial engineering honor society.
Carlos del Sol
SVP Global Mnfg Campbell Soup
Olivier Cert
CEO PolyPak
Scott Figura
SVP Global Supply Chain
Senior Analyst
Executive Vice President
Chief Technical Officer
Quantitative Methods
Supply Chain Management
Stats, OR, Quality
Lean, Ergo, Facilities
Eng. Econ, Financial Acctg.
Worked for:

UF Health & Shands Hospital
GE Healthcare
Abbott Laboratories
Why ISE?: ISE offers flexibility in the work field and allows you to use your creativity and analytical skills to create or improve processes to make them more efficient. I like the fact that there is high demand for industrial engineers. I enjoy working directly with people, and not many other engineering fields allow you to do that as much as ISE.
Year: 3rd

Worked for:
Anacorina Aguerrevere
Ashley Papagno
Year: 3rd
Worked for:
Walt Disney World,
I love Industrial and Systems Engineering because it allows me to combine my passions for communication, critical thinking, and analysis. Each unique challenge focuses on improving a business, while interacting with employees of all levels. Even better, career opportunities are rarely limited by industry or location. As an ISE, I can be at the forefront of change and make a real difference in a company!
Shaan Dadlani
Year: 5th
Worked for:
Why ISE?: After experiencing the different types of Engineering that the University of Florida had to offer, I decided upon ISE because of its practical uses, mathematical and logical background, and it’s degree of human interaction. Unlike many other Engineering degrees ISE’s are given the opportunity to experience a range of topics from finance to electrical engineering to building design. That along with level of person to person interaction really attracted me to the ISE department.
Year: 4th
Institute for Operations Research & Management Sciences
ISE Ambassadors
Focus On:
- Freshman Recruitment
- Alumni Outreach
- Special Events
INFORMS is an organization encouraging interest in the field of operations research (OR) and the management sciences (MS) by providing opportunities for professional
development and social activities with people
within the OR and MS fields.
Energy Management
Andy Crawford
President, Cavco of North Florida

Project Management and Communication Skills
Society of Sales Engineers
Promoting the exposure of sales opportunities and building sales skills in members.
Michelle Gauthreaux
Why ISE?:I like to describe ISE as the perfect balance of business and engineering. From industries to types of roles ISE's play in an organization I love the variety and flexibility this degree offers. This career field is fast paced and provides endless opportunities to learn and grow.
Andrew Daw

When I came to UF, I had no clue what major I wanted to be, so I chose Mathematics by default. After my freshman year, I began to look into Industrial & Systems Engineering. It was quickly clear that I had found the right major for me. I fell in love with efficiency, with the math and logic involved, and with the variety of applications. ISE has motivated me to always strive for better.
Example of an IE's job (Activity):
Phlebotomy clinic (drawing blood clinic)
How would you (what things would you take into account) determine the number of full time employees (FTES) needed to staff the clinic?
Determine duties of phlebotomist
Check-in/out times
Blood draw time
Set-up/Clean-up time
Patient volumes/arrivals
A calculator was created in excel that allowed management to input the upcoming patient volumes and the number of employees needed was determined. This tool allows management to accurately staff their clinics, saving them money and making them efficient.
Questions to consider:
Disney currently does not have enough chairs for every guest to sit on during the peak lunch period (11am-2pm). If Disney is able to decrease the lunch wait times and increase the number of seats available, they can improve the guest experience, as well as make more money.
For this case study divide into teams to solve this problem as recently hired Industrial Engineers
Engineering Economy:
Costs of food, labor, operating cost of kitchen equipment etc. Increase profit by reduce wasted food and promoting operational efficiency.

Just in time preparation of food to match demand for time of day. Planned kitchen inspection to maintain clean standards.

Lean/ Supply:
Number of registers is the bottleneck, add additional registers and innovative seating strategies.

Operations Research:
Use meal coupon incentives and/or plan entertainment to shift peak demand.

Project Management:
Start implementation in small pilot runs (ie. one diner at a time rather than whole park)
Things to take into account:
Case Study (Team Activity):
Disney Peak Times
Introduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Florida
Pedro Macellaro
Unlike others, I still did not know what industry I wanted to work in, so I also wanted to pick a major that would allot me different opportunities in different industries. Fortunately, an engineering professor came to my high school to encourage students to study engineering. When he described industrial engineering I knew it was the perfect major for me.
Year: 4th
Worked For: Walt Disney World,
Sears Holdings
2011 Salary Stats
Year: 5th

Worked for:
GE Healthcare
Why ISE?: ISE offers flexibility in the work field and allows you to use your creativity and analytical skills to create or improve processes to make them more efficient. I like the fact that there is high demand for industrial engineers. I enjoy working directly with people, and not many other engineering fields allow you to do that as much as ISE.
Worked for:
GE Healthcare
Year: 4th
Maria Cepeda
Why ISE?: I chose ISE because I was interested in how mathematical concepts and algorithms are applied to business topics such as Supply Chain Management and Operations Research, not realizing the extent to which the background would give me an edge over my colleagues in industry. ISE allows us to view any business from an upper-level perspective and gives us the tools necessary to make crucial decisions within both small and large organizations. It is truly an interesting, unique field of study
Worked for:
Siemens Energy
GE Appliances
Year: 5th
Brittany Kemp
Engineering Economy:
What are the costs, and how can you increase profit?

How can you improve or maintain the quality of the food served?

What are some bottlenecks you can identify, and what do they affect?

Operations Research:
How can you serve more guests without increasing resources or infrastructure?

Project Management:
What steps can you take to minimize risks in solution implementation?
I chose ISE so that I could have a technical career while being able to interact with people on an everyday basis. Also, I strive to be efficient in my everyday life, so majoring in something focused on improving processes and efficiency seems more than fitting for me!
Worked for:
Year: 3rd
Walt Disney World
ISE provides a traditional engineering foundation but also fosters exceptional interpersonal skill and leadership growth that provides a distinct competitive advantage for those who wish to succeed in both the technical and business environments, from start-ups to some of the largest companies in the world.
Worked for:
Year: 3rd
Erik Hughes
I chose ISE because of the versatility it provides with career paths. It allows you to go into virtually any industry and solve vastly different problems. ISE takes the scientific problem-solving method used by all engineers in their respective disciplines and applies it to all problems encountered in any industry. This, along with the combination of business and engineering makes it the most versatile and interesting degree available.
Worked for:
Year: 4th
Kory Harb
Lockheed Martin,
Disneyland Resort,
Anheuser Busch
Industrial Engineering provides limitless opportunities in countless different industries. It allows students to develop deep technical skills while encouraging a broad understanding of general engineering, business, and finance. We have fun!
Worked for:
Duke Energy
Year: 3rd
Mark Hettig
I believe that ISE is one of the most intriguing and practical degrees. Engineering provides job security, while Industrial and Systems provides job flexibility. I am happy knowing that I will be able to approach a situation with technical competence using critical thinking; as this will enable me to
do just about anything, in any industry.
Worked for:
British Petroleum
Year: 4th
Rebecca Shionis
I love the combination of qualitative and quantitative skills. ISEs have the knowledge to identify real world problems, create optimized systems to fix it, and analyze how it can impact society. In industry, the job opportunities for ISEs are not only diverse but numerous. I love making things easier, better, and more efficient; which, in essence, is the base of ISE.
Worked for:
Year: 3rd
campus life
Zack Jenkins
Why ISE?: I have always loved solving problems and analyzing systems so as to save a couple precious minutes in my or any one else’s day. I have a little bit of that Engineer in me that likes numbers and science and a bit of that business student that needs to interact with other people. All of this ended up leading me to ISE. Furthermore, ISE provides a great starting platform to go into almost any field and allows you to always keep learning about new things.
Year: 4th

Worked for:
CSX Transportation
Activity Time!
Institute of
Industrial Engineers
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