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How to write an essay Chinese Cinderella

Aimed at Yr 9 English

Susanne Wilson

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of How to write an essay Chinese Cinderella

How to write an essay
Chinese Cinderella

Key Idea
When you are writing an essay for a literacy text you must ensure that your topic relates to your Key Idea.

Remember, Key Idea really means Theme
Some Key Ideas are;
Self Esteem
Understand your Essay Question
Describe an important character in the text you have studied.
Explain why this character was important.

How do you plan your essay?
What would you expect to see in each paragraph?
Title (underlined)
Reword the Essay question in a context that makes sense
State clearly what event you are going to discuss and what your key idea is
You would write about ONE Key Idea
Identify the key words in this question
Describe the Character
Paragraph One
Paragraph Two
Explain why this character was important
Ensure you only discuss one relationship in this paragraph
Paragraph Three
Explain another reason why this character was important
Ensure you only discuss one relationship in this paragraph
This is the same as a summary of your essay.
You must relate your conclusion to your introduction and restate the initial essay question with detail and meaning.
Justify your main argument in your essay (thematically)
Use the summary from all your paragraphs to create meaning and tie ideas together.
Leave the audience thinking with an important statement at the end.
Now start planning your essay
Put your question in the middle
Make a point for each paragraph
Then plan S.O.D.A.S. for each paragraph.
Lastly turn your S.O.D.A.S. into sentences!!
Make sure you have your structure correct for your paragraphs!
Make a statement introducing your paragraph
Make an observation about the text you are discussing
Ensure you have some evidence about/from the text to support your statement and your observation
This is where you get your grade! Your level of analysis and drawing conclusions and meanings demonstrates a higher level of understanding
Connect your statement, observation and quote with meaning
Summarise your main points to prove your key ideas from the paragraph
What does it mean?
Why does the character do or say this?
What difference did this make?
How does this fit in with other things in the text?
How does this work?
How does this make me feel?
What does this make me think?
How can this be linked to the world beyond the text?
How well does this work – how effective is the author in getting a message across to the reader?

Analysis Questions
This is where you show off the stuff you know about:
techniques - e.g. narration;
language features, e.g. metaphor, symbolism, etc.;
Linking these back to
Your personal enjoyment – i.e. critical thinking

Analysis in Literature
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