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Philippine Press: A Brief History

No description

Princess Irish

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Philippine Press: A Brief History

A Brief History Philippine Press Tomas Pinpin Tomas Pinpin is known as the "Prince of Filipino Printers" or the "Patriarch of Filipino Printing." He learned the art of printing in 1608 in the Dominican-owned printing press in Abucay, Bataan. 1637- Successos Felices ( Fortunate Events)
1799- Aviso Al Publico (Notices to the Public)
1811- (August 8) Del Superior Govierno
1846- (December1) La Eperanza
1847- La Estrella
1848- Diario De Manila
1852- Boletin Oficial De Filipinas
1860- re-established Diario de Manila
1862- El Catolico Filipino
1865- El Porvenir Filipino
1869- El Comercio
1876- El Correo de Manila
1876- La Regeneracion
1877- La Oceana de Espanada
1880- Diario de Filipinas
1887- (April 1) La Opinion
1890- El Resumen

Early Years
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