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The Automotive Aftermarket

No description

Abigail Hanson

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of The Automotive Aftermarket

OR: You take it to the shop...
Steve the Mechanic
Traditional Distributors &
Program Groups...
The Automotive Aftermarket
You buy a car from a dealer...
You crash it...
You get a flat tire...
A part breaks...
Wants to get...
a quality part
a good price
in 30 minutes (fast)
EITHER: You take it back
to the OE dealer...

Quality parts
More Expensive
More time

How can he accomplish this??
He enters the
They sell parts to retailers
and distributors...
The parts go back
to Steve...
Steve uses the parts to fix your car!
And of course, there are people who want to be like Steve...
Then, the cycle continues...
The parts are delivered with...
13,000 retailers including
headquarters + 23,000
traditional parts distributors
And they need to find jobs...
Read by manufacturers, retailers,
and distributors.
46,000 qualified subscribers.
32,000 qualified subscribers.
53,000 qualified subscribers.
Read by over 100,000
independent repair facilities.
Delivered to over 40,000 of
tomorrow's soon-to-be technicians
But, what if your old engine
is beyond a simple repair?
Over 15,000 qualified engine builders and machine shops.
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