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Field Hockey Goalkeeping Basics

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Shannon McMurray

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Field Hockey Goalkeeping Basics

Field Hockey Goalkeeping Basics
Basics of Goalkeeping
Clearing the Ball
Split Saves
Angles of a Goalkeeper
Follow the “V” while in cage with stroke
Line shoulder up to post
Shorter goalkeepers use a “V” cut

The Game of Field Hockey
Field Hockey and Goalkeeping
Clearing the Ball
Toe Clears
Instep Clears
Extending your leg to reach for ball
Split Saves
Extending leg to reach for the ball in a split-like form
Diving body across or to the cage to reach a ball
Blocking balls that are in the air with both hands.
Follow the "V"
Have your angle by following a "V" of post-stroke-post
Line Up Your Shoulder
While following the "V" make sure your shoulder is lined up to post for proper angles.
Shorter Goalkeepers
Use a "V" cut instead of following the "V". This consists of taking a back step and two steps angled forward.
The Game
Field hockey is a game consisting of two teams of 11 that play with sticks and a hard plastic ball. The ball cannot touch the feet of the players. The team who scores the most goals wins.
The goalkeeper is the only person on the field where the ball can touch any part of their body unless they are not in the shooting circle.
The Field
What to Wear
Kickers and Leg Guards
Butt Pads/Pelvic Protector
Chest Protector
Neck Protector
Stick Glove and Blocking Glove
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