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Anthem vs. Harrison Bergeron

A comparison of two stories where everyone is equal.

Samuel Weekes

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Anthem vs. Harrison Bergeron

By: Samuel Weekes Anthem vs. Harrison Bergeron Comparing and Contrasting
the Story Elements Anthem
Story Elements Into The Details of Each Story Exposition

Protagonist: Equality 7-2521/ Prometheus

Antagonist: Scholars and their laws of equality

Setting- Time: After the Great Rebirth

Setting- Place: Unknown

Internal Conflict: Equality has a problem with not being equal and he wants to be individual.

External Conflict: The scholars reject Equality's discovery of electricity. Extra Elements Author's Theme: there is an importance of everyone being different. there is an importance of individuality.

Symbolism: Laws/Scholars which make extreme equality.

Foreshadowing: He is in the Uncharted Forest describing his visit with the World Council of Scholars.

Irony: The scholars stressed equality so much that they were not being equal at all. Equality discovers an underground tunnel from the Unmentionable Times.

Equality meets Liberty 5-3000.

Equality discovers Electricity.

Climax: The World Council of Scholars reject his life's work and runs away into the Uncharted Forest.

Equality discovers the word "I".

Liberty and Equality change their names to Gaea and Prometheus.

Resolution: Prometheus realizes the importance of individuality and he and his friends write a new page of history for mankind. Harrison Bergeron
Story Elements Protagonist: Harrison Bergeron

Antagonist: The Handicapper General and her Army

Setting- Time: 2081

Setting- Place: D.C.

Internal Conflict: The fact that he was having trouble showing his individual greatness.

External Conflict: The people did not really take interest of him being an individual. Extra Elements Author's Theme: There is an importance of being yourself no matter what. There is an importance of individuality.

Symbolism: The Handicapper General stood for all who had some sort of mental or physical handicap.(That is everyone so all of the people were equal)

Foreshawdowing: None that was really major.

Irony: The fact that the Handicapper General had no handicap at all. Major Actions Harrison is taken away and is in prison for 6 years.

There is a news report done on Harrison.

Climax: Harrison escapes from prison, and he shows everyone that he can detonate a bomb at any second.

The Army stops the first bomb but not the second.

Harrison detonates the second bomb and turns the T.V. Projecters back on.

Resolution: Harrison is shot to death, but the Handicapper General is caught in the act, and all of the people are witnesses. Harrison makes his point clear even though he loses his life. Major Actions Comparison Both stories have everyone in society equal.

Both have some sort of leader.

Both stories have a person that does not agree with the rules and breaks them.

Both have the same theme of there being and importance of individuality and personality.
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