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Electromagnetic waves project

Lauren Beck

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of X-Rays

Lauren Beck
Period 3 X-Rays Electromagnetic Spectrum Medicine X-RAY Characteristics
Wavelength: 0.01-10 nanometers
Frequency: 10 hertz
•X-rays of broken bones Agriculture -X-ray Detection System
•Tomato stem detecting -X-ray Inspection System
•Foreign contaminant detecting Industrial -Airport Security Scanners
•Checks bags for contraband items
•Can help treat cancer
•X-rays of teeth
•X-rays of organs -X-ray Mutation Breeding
•Used for breeding plants -Fluoroscope
•Used to get an immediate picture through a screen -X-ray Irradiation
•X-rays used to irradiate food Aerospace -X-ray Machine
•Agriculture Inspection -X-rays
•Used to see fractures in airplanes Scientific Research
•Tests welded boiler drums
•Reveals changes in materials -X-ray machine
•Used to inspect canned goods -X-rays
•Used to study rocks -X-ray Crystallography
•Used to study structure of crystals -X-ray Microfocus Tomography (XMT)
•Analyzes structure of organic/inorganic samples in solid/semi-solid forms -X-ray Astronomy Satellite
•Study X-ray emissions from celestial objects -X-ray Telescope
•Used to observe the Sun
•Used to find auroral disturbances on Jupiter's poles
Bibliography Information: (and pictures) (and pictures) (and pictures) (and pictures) (and pictures)

Pictures: (and information) (and information)
The End -X-ray Astronomy Detectors
•Tell about an object emitting x-rays
•Used to study solar flares
•Detect cosmic gamma ray
bursts -X-Ray Machine -X-ray Equipment 18
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