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PO555: Introductory Lecture

Introductory lecture for module PO555 'International Organisation: The UN System' convened by Dr Philip Cunliffe. Spring Term 2014

Philip Cunliffe

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of PO555: Introductory Lecture

PO555: International Organisation:
The UN System

Dr Philip Cunliffe

What is teleology, and why is it controversial in social science?
A question to conclude ...
Prof Ned Lebow
King's College London
Archduke Franz Ferdinand Lives! A World Without World War I
Palgrave 2014
World War I 1975
Best possible world?
The Third, or Communist International (Comintern)
Prof Alex Wendt
Ohio State University
'Why a world state is inevitable' (2003)
individual freedom
freedom of movement
open markets and investment
free trade
independent states
international cooperation
economic growth
technological improvement
[this] state of affairs [was] normal, certain, and permanent, except in the direction of further improvement, and any deviation from it as aberrant, scandalous, and avoidable.

The projects and politics of militarism and imperialism, of racial and cultural rivalries, of monopolies, restrictions, and exclusion, which were to play the serpent to this paradise, were little more than the amusements of his daily newspaper, and appeared to exercise almost no influence at all on the ordinary course of social and economic life, the internationalization of which was nearly complete in practice...

, Economic Consequences of the Peace
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